Obama Wants to Welcome 7 Million Syrian Muslim Refugees to US

America’s first Muslim leader could be on the verge of allowing up to 7 million Syrian Muslims to enter the US. They are using the same refugee plea that thousands of illegals have used when caught crossing illegally into the US. Over 60,000 illegal minors used the refugee plea and now they are living here in the US at the expense of us taxpayers.

Reports indicate that at least 500 Syrian Muslims have already been granted refugee status and are now living in 180 different communities around the country. John Kerry’s State Department, or should I say Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s State Department is defending their plans on allowing thousands more Syrian Muslims in to the US by saying that our country was founded on the principle of helping people like the Syrians.

Ira Mehlman, Media Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform told OneNewsNow about the danger of allowing so many of these supposed refugees into our country:

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“We’ve seen it among the Somalis. We see it in Western Europe among some of the immigrant communities from the Middle East.”

“And this is not to suggest that all of the people who would be settled here pose a danger, but the track record shows that among the people who are being brought in, there is a potential for that – and that the United States, like every other country, has an obligation to protect the security of this country.”

Obama doesn’t care about the security and safety of the American people. He refuses to secure our borders; he refuses to protect us against contagious diseases being brought into the country by illegals; he has worked tirelessly to disarm the American people and he has made drastic cuts to our military strength. Obama has also gone to great lengths to weaken our relationship with allies like Israel while supplying our enemies with millions of dollars and weapons.

Once word gets out that the US is opening our doors to Syrian refugees, it would only make sense that Islamic terrorists will hide among them. How will the State Department be able to screen out terrorists from amongst several million Muslim refugees? The danger is real and too great to just dismiss, but dismiss the idea of terrorists hiding among the refugees seems to be exactly what the State Department is doing.

Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee described the State Department’s plans as ‘dangerous and reckless.’

I have friends in Europe and they have told me how the influx of Muslims, including refugees, have completely changed the culture in many areas. Muslims have driven out long-time residents from their homes. They’ve turned Christian churches into local mosques and they’ve taken over businesses, schools and governments. Then they start sending people to the federal governments where they strive to install sharia law and turn the country into a Muslim nation. In England, entire towns have been completely taken over by the Muslims.

That’s already happened in our country to Dearborn, Michigan and is well on its way to happening in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Obama would like nothing more than to bring in up to 7 million more Muslims into our country and have them help him convert America into a Muslim nation.

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