Obama Weaves Mideast Fictions in Final Debate

What would you say about a relationship where one person tells another to back off and that he has no right to tell the first person what to do? And what if that second person then publicly dismissed the first person’s complaints as “noise”?

You would rightly conclude that it is a deeply dysfunctional relationship that is in danger of breaking down completely.

That relationship is the one President Obama has with Israel.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in September told Obama to back off on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu said the United States had “no moral right” to interfere with Israel attacking Iran to end the threat.

In response, Obama snubbed Netanyahu during his visit to the U.S. and then badmouthed him on “60 Minutes,” saying he would “block out the noise” from Israel.

Hearing Obama say during Monday’s debate that he’s a committed friend of Israel is a bit like hearing Darth Vader calling himself a loyal defender of Alderaan.

Obama did his best to completely flip reality on its head during the debate and pretend that he actually has control of the rolling boil-over that is the Middle East under his policies. He also dismissed the notion that Russia is a global competitor.

Obama has blinders on in regards to the Middle East. He has made it evident with his actions that he is no friend of Israel, even as he proclaims for purposes of his re-election that he is.

He is also a tremendous fool if he believes Russia is a loyal friend and ally. Russia under Obama’s watch has grown stronger and more aggressive in its opposition of U.S. interests.

But Obama is a slick liar, and his handlers evidently gave him enough caffeine to keep him awake, so Romney had a difficult time pinning him down when he lied about his achievements,

Romney may have thought he could glide a bit during the last debate, seeming more moderate and less aggressive, relying on his last two debates and his current lead in the polls (the real polls, not the ones weighted to show Obama still having a chance to win) to pull him through. It was a play for the moderate undecided voters.

But in doing so, he allowed Obama to reinforce many media lies about his foreign policy and paint himself as something other than the utter failure he has been.

Only time will tell now if Romney calculated correctly.

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