Obama Will Rebuild Towns In Other States and Countries But Not In Arizona

It seems the main reason we still have troops in Afghanistan and other Middle Countries is to help rebuild towns and mosques at US taxpayer expense.  When Oklahoma towns are hit by tornadoes, Obama is there and offers federal disaster aid.  But when it comes to some of our own towns in Arizona, Obama promptly turns the other way and ignores them.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants to know why?

On June 28 of this year, lightning struck the ground and started a wildfire near the town of Yarnell, Arizona.  The fire began on land owned by the federal government, more specifically, it is owned by the Bureau of Land Management.  Much of Arizona has been in a long term drought that only raised the danger of fires.  The temperature was 101º and the winds began to gust over 20 mph, fanning the flames and increasing a 300 acre fire into a 2,000 acre fire in a very short time.

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BLM personnel prevented the emergency dispatchers from sending in the fire crews early on, allowing the fire to grow out of control.  On June 30, the winds shifted and trapped 19 members of the Prescott Fire Department’s Granite Mountain Hotshots.  All 19 trapped members perished in the fire.  The only survivor was one man who was designated as a lookout and responsible for the vehicles.

By July 1, the fire had grown to more than 8,300 acres and now had 400 firefighters trying to contain it.  The fire was finally contained on July 10, but not after it destroyed nearly half of the homes and businesses in the small town of Yarnell.  The population of only 700 people was devastated by the huge loss of so many homes and possessions.  Many lost their jobs as their workplaces also went up in flames.  The fire also destroyed several homes in nearby Peeples Valley.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer applied for federal emergency help for the town of Yarnell to help them rebuild their homes and businesses, but each time she has asked for help, she has been turned down.  Last Friday, Brewer posted the following on her Facebook page:

“Today President Obama again DENIED my appeal for federal assistance for the Yarnell Fire that burned more than 130 homes and claimed the lives of 19 firefighters. According to the denial letter, the fire ‘was not of severity or magnitude to warrant a major disaster declaration.’”

“LIKE if you stand with Arizona even if the President won’t.”

When I saw her post, it made me wonder two things: how much of a town needs to be destroyed before they can get federal disaster assistance and was the denial the result of Obama’s continuing war with Arizona, Gov. Brewer over Obama’s failure to secure the border.

When Greensburg, Kansas was 95% percent destroyed by an EF5 tornado in May 2007, the feds were right there with help and assistance.  Yarnell is nearly 50% destroyed and Gov. Brewer is told it’s not severe enough to warrant aid.  Where in the federal regulation does it specify a percentage of destruction of a town before they receive federal assistance?

I strongly suspect that Obama denied the assistance because Gov. Brewer is continually criticizing him and his administration for failing to take adequate measures to secure the Mexican border.  She has repeatedly invited him to come and tour the border with her where he can meet and talk to the ranchers and other residents who live there.  But Obama not only refuses her invitations, he doesn’t even give her the courtesy of sending a response to tell her he can’t be bothered.

Hey, let something happen in a state where Obama is friends with the governor and he’s there in a heartbeat.  After Hurricane Sandy, he toured the area with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who is a Democrat in Republican clothes.  They walked the devastated area and talked to the people there.  But will Obama walk the devastated area of the Arizona/Mexico border and talk to the people who live in constant fear of the drug cartels?  Not in your life.

Why?  Because Obama and the Democrats need as many illegals crossing the border as possible so they can illegally vote for Democrats at the local, state and federal levels.  That’s the main reason behind his push to give amnesty and citizenship to 11 million illegals; he wants their votes, legally or illegally.

To be honest, I don’t think Brewer would have received federal emergency assistance if all of the towns of Yarnell and Pepples Valley had been destroyed by the wildfire. It doesn’t matter to the feds that they were responsible for allowing the fire to grow out of control by blocking the dispatchers from sending in fire crews early on.  Had the BLM personnel put out a call for help immediately, there is a good chance that the 19 firefighters would still be alive and that the town of Yarnell would still be intact.

But in typical Obama politics, he will allow a whole town to suffer and try to rebuild on their own because he doesn’t like Gov. Jan Brewer telling the truth about his failures.  Obama is nothing more than a sulking school ground boy who’s been caught doing something wrong.  Instead of making things right, he wants to others suffer for his mistakes.  He is the epitome of being petty!

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