Obama Works Hard to Phone It In

Have you ever gotten sucked into an argument that goes like this?

“You’re the one who (fill in the blank).”

“Huh? What’d I do?”

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“No way. You’re not getting off the hook. It’s all you. YOU’RE the one.”

“The ‘one’ what?”

That’s basically what’s happening on Capitol Hill, with Democrats in the accusatory role and the Republicans scratching their heads (except Rep. Reid Ribble, who apparently has accepted that it’s all his fault).

According to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans are the reason people are going to get pink slips from this sequester business. The White House, Democrat Party and lapdog media down the line are following the marching orders.

But the New York Times in early February wrote an article describing how the sequester cuts were thought up by the White House and intended to be so painful that Republicans would accept raising taxes (again) as the preferred alternative.

When Obama threatened to veto a Senate bill to ease the cuts — before it had even been passed — he was following the master plan to impose more taxes on Americans.

Except something seems to be happening that Obama didn’t count on. Republicans are ignoring his threats and sitting back to watch the ax fall. Also, there are hints in the media that some journalists aren’t buying the party line on this one.

The most prominent journalist to go chin-to-chin with the White House is Bob Woodward, who said Obama was wrong to blame the sequester cuts on Republicans and called the president’s decision to defer military deployments because of it “madness.”

On MSNBC, Woodward said, “So we now have the president going out (saying) ‘Because of this piece of paper and this agreement, I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country.’ That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Woodward has now been targeted by the White House for speaking the truth. He said a White House aide yelled at him for nearly 30 minutes and told him in an email, “You’ll regret this.”

It’s understandable that Obama would get so upset. He’s been working so hard to stop the cuts, after all. Just on Wednesday, he met with Republican leaders for the first time for a whopping seven minutes.

And he’s going to meet with them again Friday, the day after the cuts kick in. I hear he might go eight minutes this time.

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