Obamacare Causing Hispanics to Seek Treatment in Mexico

President Barack Obama has violated the Unites States Constitution and federal immigration laws in his effort to woo the votes of millions of Hispanics. He has illegally allowed millions of illegal Hispanics to remain in the US. He ordered ICE to stop deporting illegals unless they had prior felony convictions. He promised them amnesty and eventual citizenship.

One of the carrots that Obama dangled in front of Hispanics, legal and illegal, was cheaper healthcare through his socialist healthcare system known as Obamacare. In liberally run California, they spent millions of taxpayer dollars trying to shame Hispanics, legal and illegal, into signing up for healthcare through the state exchange, Covered California. They had to resort to extreme measures because too few Hispanics were signing up for healthcare.

Unfortunately for Obama, many Hispanics discovered that the Obamacare carrot is rotten. Those that did sign up for Obamacare are finding out that it wasn’t the great deal that Obama promised them.

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Like other national socialized healthcare customers in Canada and the United Kingdom, Hispanics are finding out that it takes forever to see a doctor and get treatment. I have a friend in England who had to wait 7 excruciating months to have her gall bladder removed. A number of Canadians used to cross the border into the US in order to see a doctor in a timely manner and get treated.

I know Harry Reid will accuse 64 year old Irma Montalvo of being a liar, but she claims that she found it faster and cheaper to cross the border into Mexico to see a doctor and get treated than to go through her Obamacare doctor in California. Born in Mexico, Montalvo is now a US citizen and lives in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego only a few miles from the Mexican border.

Montalvo enrolled into Covered California, getting healthcare coverage for the first time in eight years. She developed a rash that was quite painful. Instead of going through her exchange doctor, Montalvo drove 16 miles south to Tijuana, Mexico to see her Mexican doctor, Cecilia Espinoza. She got right in and was diagnosed with having shingles and it only cost her $16. Espinoza wrote her prescriptions for medicine for pain and to fight off any complications that occurs with shingles.

Montalvo explained why she chose to see her old doctor in Mexico:

“She listens to me. I come here feeling really bad, and three days later I am better.”

Immigration and healthcare experts say that many Hispanics, legal and US citizens, that live in the border states have been crossing into Mexico for affordable healthcare for years. They also believe that a number of non-Hispanic Americans also seek healthcare in Mexico.

As Hispanics and other Americans see how much more their healthcare is costing them and how much longer it takes to see a doctor or get treatment, more of them will be seeking more affordable care in Mexico. They find it cheaper to pay out of pocket expenses in Mexico than to pay the co-pays and deductibles that go along with Obamacare. It’s ironic that Obama’s Affordable Care Act refers to Mexico instead of the US.

This is just another in a long line of examples that show the utter failure of Obamacare.

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