Obamacare Centralized Medical Database Nightmare Just Happened to My Daughter

One of the aspects of Obamacare that everyone seems to have forgotten at the moment is their effort to put everyone’s personal information, medical and otherwise, into a central database.  With this system in place, you can kiss your HIPPA privacy goodbye.

Last week, we heard from our youngest daughter that she was receiving doctor’s bills from a doctor she’s never seen.  Some of the bills were from visits earlier this year and because they have not been paid, her credit score has been dinged.

When she checked into it, she found out that the doctor’s office had her birthdate, address and Social Security Number.  They submitted the bills to our daughter’s Medicade coverage and then billed her for the rest.  As you can imagine, she was frantic, thinking someone had stolen her identity so she called the local police.

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After taking her report, the police officer called my wife for more information.  He basically told my wife that he believes that our daughter had sought medical treatment at this doctor’s office and either forgot or was trying to get out of paying the bill.  My wife explained that our daughter lives in northern Kentucky and the doctor’s office is on the west side of Cincinnati in an area that our daughter would never go to.

When I heard what happened, my first suspicion was that it wasn’t identity theft as much as it was identity mix-up due to the Obamacare centralized database and told my wife and daughter of my suspicion.  About an hour later, the policeman called my daughter to tell her that the doctor’s office treated someone else with the same name and they somehow pulled up my daughter’s information by mistake.  Since my daughter had never visited that doctor’s office or any other office associated with this practice, the only way this mistake could have happened is that they got my daughter’s information through the centralized database created by Obamacare.

The doctor’s office said they are correcting the billing and will notify the credit score agency, but this has revealed a two-fold major problem with the centralized database that I predicted from the beginning.  First, mix-ups like this will happen more and more and innocent people that aren’t that alert will be paying other peoples doctor bills or their credit scores will suffer from it.  Second, anyone with access to the centralized database will have access to anyone’s personal information including address, Social Security number, insurance policy name and number and more.  Tens of thousands of medical, insurance and government workers have access to the centralized database and everything they need to steal your identity or more.

If I were you, I would be very careful about every medical bill you get and check your credit score regularly.  You may have no idea when it could happen to you.

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