ObamaCare ‘Crisis’ Leads to Single Payer Government Healthcare

For obvious reasons, everyone is discussing the roll out of the president’s pride and joy, Obamacare. We are all well aware of what a disaster it has been thus far. The “glitches” in the system causing exchange websites to crash, so that the individuals that must have insurance can’t obtain it.

Then Obama blindly advises us to call an 800 number if we can’t access the site, only to be told, assuming one is able to actually speak to a human, that you must first register on the website. Way to go Prez!

We’ve learned that in order for Obamacare to function, the scheme needs a minimum of 7 million enrollees, although like every other government estimate, it will probably end up needing 10 the 14 million.

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Now weeks into this debacle, we’ve learned of the pitiful sign up numbers – states like South Dakota with just 20 people thus far.

Meanwhile, people by the hundreds of thousands if not millions are being jettisoned from their current insurance policies.

Now, we all remember these words. In July 2009, Obama exclaimed in his typically condescending staccato voice: “Let me be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you. First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

At this point, I believe the administration knows that Obamacare is safe. It won’t be repealed or defunded. The Republicans are just too cowardly.

Now think back a decade or so ago when Obama plainly stated, “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program.” He reiterated it again in 2008. Harry Reid said that Obamacare was a stepping-stone to a single-payer system. This is what they ultimately desire. Enough already with these pesky private insurance companies getting in the way of healthcare utopia.

As I stated earlier, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are being tossed out of their current policies and thrown to the curb. The reason for this is due to Obamacare’s minimum insurance standards. Current insurance policies don’t meet the ridiculous standards, standards that most people don’t want or need.

I believe that they’ve figured out the way to streamline the leap from Obamacare to single-payer, and I believe it more strongly now that we see the likes of ultra-hacks such as Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz turning against the roll out. Something must’ve happened when a sycophant like Schultz (who won’t sneeze without Obama’s permission is allowed to turn against the president’s pet project.

What may happen is more Democrats, as well as media personalities, piling on to “criticize the roll out.”

We may begin to hear rumblings of, “This is not working. There must be a better way.” There may eventually be so many media figures and politicians joining the chorus of a fake and choreographed backlash that Obama will be “forced” to make a drastic decision for the good of everybody.

And with that he will hold a prime time press conference. He will stand before the cameras and state that he has heard the cries of the American people. He has heard too many stories of greedy insurance companies throwing American customers overboard to avoid doing the right thing. Since we can’t force these greedy capitalists to comply, I have no choice, for the sake of the American people, but to revert to a single-payer universal health insurance system run by the government.

We know this is ultimately what they want. It’s a crisis they created, and they’re not going to let it go to waste.

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