Obamacare Must Bail Out Insurance Companies at Taxpayer Expense

The sign up for Obamacare is going so well it appears that insurance companies will need a bailout. And as bad as the sign up numbers are, the number of “customers” that have actually paid for the program is likely a fraction of the paltry sign up numbers.

The administration either doesn’t know or will not say how many have not just signed up but actually bought into the program.

It seems the only “customers” that Obamacare is attracting are the old, sick, and dying. Obviously, as many have stated, the president’s program must be flush with younger healthier “customers” in order to be viable. Without those young healthy “customers” to underwrite the unhealthy, the program cannot pay for itself (not that it could anyway) and thus will require a bailout.

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But Mitch McConnell said Obamacare would likely sink under its own weight as the realities of the law become clearer.

And there’s the “See, We Told You So!” Obamacare will never “collapse” under its own weight as the spineless Establishment Republicans said it would. It was never going to. It’s the law, after all. The Republicans knew it and they lied about it to everyone because the leadership is a scared little girlie man that can’t or won’t take the fight to the Democrats and our dictator in chief.

And frankly anyone who bought the whole “collapse” argument was/is a fool and doesn’t understand the law. Unless the Congress proactively defunds Obamacare, it can’t collapse on its own.

This past November Marco Rubio wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, “When ObamaCare was debated and passed in 2009 and 2010, none of its proponents, including the president, told the American people that the law granted the federal government the authority to bail out insurance companies at the expense of taxpayers. But now their dirty little secret is out, and it should be wiped out from the law.”

I hate to be rude but . . . of course they didn’t you idiot. They lie about everything. Why would anyone think they wouldn’t lie about this also?

So now I guess the Republicans can certainly say, “Look, it’s all the fault of Obama and the Democrats.”

That will surely win the Republicans more votes in the upcoming midterm elections, which of course is more important than saving the country.

Meanwhile Obama can sit back and laugh with his Marxist buddies knowing full well that the endgame is a single-payer system. It always was.

Big insurance, like big oil is a hated industry. For years the media have portrayed them as being only concerned with the bottom line. They have portrayed insurance companies as not seeming to care if their customers lose their coverage or even die.

So when the government finally does proclaim that big insurance must have a bailout, the people may go ballistic.

Obama can then swoop in and say, “Gee, we really only have two choices here. We can either bail out those evil insurance companies that everyone hates and have canceled millions of policies because of their greed, or we can just admit our mistake in trying to deal with the insurance industry and resign ourselves to the fact that a government run single-payer system is the only “fair” solution for all Americans.

He can then take out his pen and his phone and sign an “Executive Action” to move the country forward, because it just has to be done and Congress won’t act on behalf of its citizens.

What would John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the other wimps in Congress do, I wonder? Would this illegal act finally be what it would take for them to grow a pair?

And would Obama have the stones to do something like this? Frankly at this point, I wouldn’t put it past him to try anything.

He’s the schoolyard bully that no one seems to want to face.

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