Obamacare Providing Your Personal Info to Convicted Felons?

In today’s world of identity theft, most people try to guard their personal information as much as possible.  But what do you think people would say if they knew that the federal government could be allowing convicted felons to gain access to their information including Social Security Number and address?

On Wednesday, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, was testifying before the Senate Finance Committee.  They were grilling her on all of the problems associated with Obamacare.  During the hearing, there was a short discourse between Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sebelius and it went like this:

Cornyn: “Isn’t it true that there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check.”

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Sebelius: “That is true.  States could add in additional background checks and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement.”

Cornyn: “So a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them?”

Sebelius: “This is possible.”

I’ve not heard of any instance of a convicted felon being hired as an Obamacare navigator, but with the thousands that have been trained, there is bound to be some.  Without any kind of criminal background check, anyone convicted of burglary, murder, rape, assault, etc., could be hired on as an Obamacare navigator, giving them full access to peoples personal information.

The hypocrisy of this is that the same liberal Democrats that don’t want criminal background checks for jobs or to work with Obamacare are the same people that have been demanding universal background checks for gun and ammo ownership.  They insist that universal background checks are necessary to keep guns and ammo out of the hands of criminals, felons, the mentally ill and virtually everyone else if they had their way.  But when it comes to your personal information that could easily be used to steal your identity and financially ruin you, they don’t have a problem with it.  What if a convicted rapist worked as an Obamacare navigator and gained access to the personal information that let them know if a woman lives alone or not and where she lived?

The American people should be screaming at their congressmen and women and demanding that they take immediate action to protect their personal information and demand criminal background checks for all government employees, including Obamacare navigators.

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