Obamacare: SCOTUS Left Some Options Open to States

While all of the Democrats are out getting smashed over the Supreme Court ruling allowing Obamacare to stand, they did leave a few options open for the states and GOP governors are looking at those options.

Obamacare calls for states to increase their Medicaid coverage to include families whose household income is 133% of the federal poverty line.  Currently, that averages out to be around $30,000.  Currently, the majority of states’ Medicaid level is around $22,000 per year household income.  The increased Medicaid qualification limit would add approximately 16 million more Americans capable of using the program.

The problem is that many states are already struggling to pay for Medicaid and others can’t pay for the Medicaid claims they currently have.  Adding 16 million more individuals to Medicaid roles can and will have a financially devastating effect on most states.

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In yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, they have given the states the option as to whether or not they want to accept the Obamacare increased Medicaid benefits income level.  And republican governors are already joining force to say that they will not implement any portion of Obamacare until after the November election, including the Medicaid expansion.

Bob McDonnell, Chairman of the Republican Governors Association reiterated the fact that the GOP governors will wait until after the elections saying:

“Today’s ruling crystallizes all that’s at stake in November’s election. The only way to stop Barack Obama’s budget-busting health care takeover is by electing a new president. Barack Obama’s health care takeover encapsulates his presidency: Obamacare increases taxes, grows the size of government and puts bureaucrats over patients while doing nothing to improve the economy.”

One GOP governor has already committed to hold off on all aspects of Obamacare including the Medicaid mandate and that is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Walker recently became the first governor in US history to win a recall election mounted against him.

I agree with McDonnell in that it is important for the Republicans to win the White House back come November.  With the overall economic problems and the financial disaster looming with Obamacare, this November’s election just may be the most important election is the history of the United States.  With Obamacare intact, if Obama wins in November, I pray you all have enough food and ammunition stored up for the upcoming depression that will hit hard and long.

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