Obamacare: Watch Government Destroy Your Health Insurance And Make You Take A Worse Plan

Nancy Pelosi famously said we have to pass the healthcare plan in order to find out what is in it. So far, the United States government has followed her plan. But there is really more to it. Even if we somehow could read and memorize the entire so-called “Affordable Care” Act, we still really wouldn’t know the how the law was going to affect reality. Obamacare is an immense act of guesswork. It guesses at future needs and how consumers, states, and politicians will respond to the incentives that are in the new law. The United States has over 311 million people living in it. The Federal government has now claimed to know how to manage medical care for all of them.

That’s a pretty bold move in a world where no one really even knows how to make a pencil.

So between not knowing everything in the law and not knowing how the law will actually affect the provision of healthcare, it should come as no surprise to those who are not blinded by economic superstitions that it isn’t working (if we assume it was created with good intentions in the first place).

Obamacare Premiums 47% Higher But Deductibles 27% Lower Than Grandfathered Plans… [the] difference in monthly premiums of $190 vs. $279 will entice many to keep their existing plan, assuming it is still offered. However, that setup won’t last very long because companies cannot raise premiums on grandfathered plans. Simply put, Obama lied when he said ‘you can keep your existing plan,’ knowing full well the law was purposely written to make sure that would not happen over time. Eventually you will be stuck with a new Obamacare plan and higher premiums whether you like your existing plan or not.”

So there it is: every year my family undergoes a crisis as our (pathetic) insurance tells us it must raise the premium. So now, we’ve been relieved of that crisis. Our next notice will be that our insurance plan is no longer being offered, and that we must now pay a much higher price for an Obamacare plan. We used to have residual option of choosing a higher deductible to pay a lower monthly premium, but that choice has been taken away from us.

The government is to health insurance what the highway-robbery auto “repair” shop is to your car. It is like you are driving down the highway and you start hearing a bad noise in your engine, so you pull over to the nearest auto shop on the Interstate. Next thing you know, the mechanic suddenly finds several very serious problems that need immediate attention. As he shows you the problems, you see signs of fresh sabotage. The mechanic has made your car worse in order to shake you down. In fact, he eventually damages the car so extensively (but never admitting to it) that he gives you an offer you can’t refuse by selling you a lease on another car he has at his shop. But that car makes even more noise and shows even more problems than your first car when you originally brought it in.

The government had damaged medical care in this country in all sorts of ways. Now they have made it worse. They don’t care about the sick, the elderly, or the dying. They care about power.

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