Obamacare’s Medicaid Like Giving Discounted Tickets on the Titanic

Just a few days ago, I wrote about a survey that said 8 of every 10 doctors in private practice were thinking of leaving those practices because of Obamacare.  In that survey, it reported that 49% of the doctors said they were going to stop accepting Medicaid patients.

Another survey was conducted by GEB International Inc. of female voters.  Of the 800 women surveyed, Republicans made up 31%, Democrats 45% and Independents 21%.  With a greater number of women identifying themselves as Democrats over Republicans, I was surprised by some of the results of this survey which indicated that a significant percentage of women voters wanted Obamacare repealed.  What made this surprising is that this included many of the women who identified themselves as Democrats.  A few of the survey results were:

“Healthcare remains a significant issue in the November election. Fully 14 percent of the survey sample – one in seven voters – said healthcare would be “the single most important issue when deciding how you will vote for President in November;” responding to a separate question, 36 percent said the Affordable Care Act will be either the “most important issue” or “one of the most important issues” determining their November vote. In fact, health care was one of only three issues to break the 10-percent threshold, following “the economy” and “creating jobs.”

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“A significant majority still wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act either in whole or in part. When asked, “Thinking about the nation as a whole, do you think we are better off with the Affordable Care Act in place as it is, should we repeal parts of it, or should we repeal all of it and start over again?” 38 percent wanted to keep the ACA as is, and 56 percent want to repeal all or parts of it. Only 28 percent of Independents want to keep it as is; 63 percent want to see it repealed in whole or in part.”

“Two key drivers for those wanting repeal are the belief that requiring Americans to purchase a product they might otherwise choose to forego is “un-American,” and the understanding that the ACA puts bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. Fully 25 percent of Independents and 25 percent of those who were undecided on the ballot test listed the “un-American” nature of the Individual Mandate as their top reason to oppose the ACA; 23 percent of those who were undecided on the ballot and 20 percent of Independents listed putting bureaucrats between patients and their doctors as their top reason to oppose the ACA.”

Now the Christian Medical Association is reporting similar views on Obamacare and Medicaid as were reported in the previous survey.  According to CMA’s CEO Dr. David Stevens:

“If it’s costing you money out of your own pocket, out of your own practice every time you see a Medicaid patient, increasingly doctors are going to drop out of it.  That’s what happened in Texas. It’s gone from 67 percent of doctors accepting Medicaid in the year 2000 to 31 percent this year. So that’s an enormous problem.”

“We missed what we should have been shooting for.  What we did was give discounted tickets on the Titanic to people as it heads towards the ice flow of uncontrollable healthcare costs. We’ve got to address that issue.”

Dr. Stevens commented in response to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s announcement that Texas will join Louisiana, Florida and Wisconsin in opting not to implement the Medicaid expansion laid out in Obamacare.

On the national news yesterday morning, I saw an interview with President Obama and he said that he has been spending more time travelling America and listening to the people, their needs and desires.  Evidently he’s only listening to a minority of people who worship him as some sort of social savior because virtually every report that has come out before and since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to keep Obamacare, the major of Americans want it repealed.

Obama’s still not listening to Americans.  Doctors don’t like Obamacare.  Insurance companies don’t like Obamacare.  The majority of women voters don’t want Obamacare.  The majority of Americans in general don’t want Obamacare.  He’s still doing what he wants to do regardless of what the masses of us peons say.  Perhaps it’s time for us peons to start peeing on Obamacare and the White House and send our fowl message of disapproval to his royal arrogance.

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