Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Western Michigan

Long before the Oct. 1, 2013 launch of the Healthcare.gov website, numerous companies were already taking measures to cope with the costs of doing business under the new tyrannical guidelines.  Many employers not only reduced their hiring, but started cutting employees to avoid having to pay so much for their mandated healthcare.  Other employers started cutting full time employee hours to less than 30 per week so that they won’t have to provide them with healthcare benefits.

The White House continues to play down all of the reports and want you to know that there is no truth behind them.  So Professors Leslie Muller and Paul Isely from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan conducted a study of businesses in the surrounding four counties in the western part of the state.

They found that almost 30% of companies had already cut employee hours to part time status.  Fifteen percent of the companies said that they have turned to using temporary workers.  Twenty-two percent said they were either limiting their hiring of new employees or already cutting the number of employees they have.

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Muller explained what the impact of their study revealed, saying:

“Conservatively, there would be 1,000 more workers today in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon and Allegan counties if not for the [Affordable Care Act].  This is not even taking into effect the decrease in hours firms are making to keep employees at part-time.”

In their research, they found that 49% of the companies in the area offsetting the rising costs of healthcare by raising the deductibles and changing their prescription plans that they are offering their employees.   Forty percent of the companies said they are seriously contemplating the necessity of passing on the increased costs for their employee healthcare coverage on to the employees.  In fact, 39% said they have already raised the deductible and 30% have already changed the prescription plans for their employees.

Again, Muller explains:

“The predominant way firms in Western Michigan are containing health costs is by offering more high deductible plans, changing their prescription coverage.”

Remember the deranged House Minority Leader from California, Nancy Pelosi who still claims that Obamacare is lowering the cost of healthcare?  The Muller Isley study indicates otherwise.  The vast majority of Americans are finding the cost of healthcare to be substantially more and for less coverage than ever before.  I’ve heard that the Republicans are working on a replacement plan, but will it be in time to save us and will it truly make healthcare affordable?  Will we survive long enough to find out?

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