Obamacare’s Second Death Sentence

Several days ago, I wrote how Americans can bring Obamacare crashing down by not buying into it.  The entire financial structure of the Affordable Care Act depends upon millions of young healthy adults buying into the system.  Their premiums are necessary to pay for the cost of healthcare to the older and less healthy segment of the population.

However, the Obama administration is already getting uneasy at what’s been happening.  The majority of policies being signed for have been for the expanded Medicaid coverage, which is the most costly for the health industry to handle.  The young and healthy people have not been signing up for coverage as needed.  The White House has launched a campaign targeting them and literally begging them to sign up for health coverage.

If millions of young and healthy Americans don’t sign up, Obamacare will be in dire financial trouble within a year.  A number of experts believe that Congress will be expected to bail out the health insurance industry.  This could be considered to be the first death sentence for Obamacare.

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The second death sentence will come next January when those Americans that did sign up for healthcare through the federal or one of the state exchange programs gets their notice that their premiums are going up.   Without the needed premiums of the young and healthy, insurance carriers will be forced to increase premiums more than first anticipated.

Many can barely afford the premiums they are paying now and a substantial increase will undoubtedly result in a number of policy cancellations.  More cancellations results in even less income for the insurance companies, forcing them into a death spiral that may be unstoppable.

Obamacare is already dying and Republicans running in this year’s midterm elections need to be hammering these facts home in their campaigns.  When you’re talking about the wallets and pocketbooks of working America, they listen.  They don’t like Uncle Sam’s fingers stealing their hard earned money from them and that’s what Obamacare is doing to a number of Americans.

Perhaps Obamacare will have one shining success and that’s giving control of the Senate back to the Republicans and making Barack Obama a true lame duck president.

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