Obamanomics Yields 20,000 Fewer Jobs for Women in December

Did you hear the fantastic news that December’s unemployment figures miraculously dropped from 7% down to 6.7%?  The Obama administration has been good at juggling and adjusting figures.

Others have shown that the U-3 report used by the government to base their unemployment figures upon, failed to take into account things like the number of people that have given up looking for jobs or the number of people that have taken part time jobs because there aren’t any full time jobs available.  It also doesn’t reflect the number of people that have had their hours cut due to Obamacare.

There are also several other reports that have come out that indicate that the unemployment figures aren’t as rosy as the White House portrays.  One of those reports indicates that only 74,000 jobs were added to the work force in December.  This is the lowest monthly increase in three years.

So ask yourself how adding the fewest jobs in three months can effectively coincide with one of the largest monthly decreases in unemployment in five years.  The feds base their unemployment figures on the number of people seeking jobs, not on the number of people that have quit trying.  The only way December’s figures could have dropped that much with so few jobs added is that even more Americans are giving up finding jobs than those still drawing unemployment.

Another figure that should concern a large group of Obama constituents is that in December, the same month the unemployment figures dropped, there were 20,000 fewer jobs held by women.  Additionally the number of women who are not included in the labor force had jumped by 203,000.

President Obama has long accused Republicans of waging a war on women; yet, statistics show that the real villain is Obama and his policies. Under his regime, few women are working and more of them have left the work force.  I’m sure it’s not by choice either.   It seems the only thing Obama is helping women do is kill their unborn babies and lose their jobs.  Makes you wonder why women would vote for him or any other Democrat.

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