Obama’s Ads and Support Full of Lies?

About a year ago I joined Twitter and set up an account, but soon found that I just didn’t have time to do anything with it.  A number of other people that I know have said the same thing, while there are a few that seem to want to tell everyone about everything they are doing, as if anyone really cares.

Then there are those that wear their number of Twitter followers as some kind of badge of honor.  The more followers they have, the important they feel.  I suspect that this describes President Barack Obama and his Twitter account.  According to an article I was reading, he has 18.8 million followers compared to only 900,000 followers of Mitt Romney.

Although it may sound impressive, it’s not.  In fact, over half of his followers don’t exist at all.

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Rob Waller has founded a social media management firm based in London called Status People.  Last month, Waller’s firm released a tool called Fake Follower Check that can detect fake and inactive followers on Twitter.  Using his tool, it was discovered that 70% of Obama’s followers are not real, reducing his real following from 18.8 million down to only 5.6 million.  So when the Obama camp brags about how many followers the president really has, their numbers are highly exaggerated and false.

To follow up on the lack of accuracy of Obama campaign claims, let’s turn our attention to a recent ad that appeared on MSNBC and on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page.  In the ad, a number of women claim that they were Republicans who have turned away from the Party to support Obama in November.

However, Zeke Miller of Buzzfeed and John Hinderaker of Powerline have investigated the ad and some of the women in it.  They discovered that two of the women in the commercial are actually registered Democrats.  One of the women, Maria Ciano was a registered Democrat back in 2006.  The other woman in the ad is Delia Ciano, Maria’s mother and like her daughter has a history of Democratic and pro-Obama support.

If you recall, Obama supporters recently aired an ad portraying a man, Joe Soptic, who had lost his wife Ranae to cancer and blamed Mitt Romney.  In the ad, the man claimed that he lost his health insurance when Bain Capital closed the company he worked for.  Shortly thereafter, his wife died of cancer because they had no health insurance.  It was later learned that the man’s wife died 5 years after the man lost his job and health coverage and that his wife had her own health insurance during part of that 5 year period.

Then there are the Obama campaign ads that accuse Romney of costing American’s jobs by either shutting down the companies they work for or outsourcing the jobs overseas.  These ads are also false and misleading and fail to take into account the thousands of jobs Romney helped create by saving companies like Staples.  They also fail to take into account the number of jobs Obama’s administration has outsourced to other countries and the thousands of jobs that have been lost here in America.

Let’s face it, the Obama administration and campaign are rife with lies and highly exaggerated figures.  They are so desperate that they have to get Democrats to lie on camera about their supposed Republican past.  They are so desperate that they lie about how many followers they have and they lie about the president’s failed job record and lie about Romney’s positive job record.

Lies, lies, and more lies.  Next to blaspheming God and Jesus Christ and insulting my wife, the one thing that I detest more than any other is lying.  It is the lowest form of character quality there is.  A person who habitually lies is capable of every other immoral act you can think of and Barack Obama and those around him have a track record of habitual lies.  In my book, this makes him and his entourage among the most despicable and lowest of moral character.  If for no other reason, and believe me there are plenty of other reasons, I could never bring myself to vote for someone like Obama and caution all others who may be considering doing that very thing.  To be honest, the man is not worthy to clean out a pig pen, if you ask me, but that would be befitting since pigs are offensive to Muslims.

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