Obama’s Allowance of Gays in Military Fails to Buy Him Votes

In the past two years, everything Barack Obama has done as President seems to be more geared to buying the vote of liberals, minorities, gays, wackos and wierdos rather than actually running a country.  Many thought that his allowance of homosexuals to serve openly in the military would help buy him more votes, but that may not be the case.

According to the latest Military Times Poll of active and reserve personnel, 66% said they intend to vote for Romney and only 26% said they intend to vote for Obama.

The poll consisted of 3,100 military personnel; 67% of which were active military and 33% were reservists.  The demographics of the poll respondents were mostly male, white, were in paygrades of E-5 to E-8 and O-3 to O-5 and held college degrees.

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When the question of importance or why they were voting the way they were, 66% said that it was because of the economy and the character of the candidate.  To my surprise, less than 16% said that national security had anything to do with their decision on who they were voting for.

A 28 year old Army captain told the Military Times:

“When I talk to my soldiers, it’s not social issues. It’s almost not even military issues. What it comes down to is pocketbook issues.  They currently see Mitt Romney as being stronger for their pocketbook.”

“It comes down to taxes — how much are they going to have to pay — and are they going to be able to find jobs if they leave the military.”

A Marine captain in the military police told the Military Times:

“You cannot add $6 trillion to the [national] debt in 3½ years and not expect massive repercussions.”

I found the response from one Navy sailor to be of particular interest as he told the Military Times when referring to Romney:

“The guy is all about making money, which is great, but government doesn’t work like a business.  It just doesn’t work that way. It’s not a for-profit industry.”

That’s the mentality behind the Democratic Party that has driven us to the brink of financial collapse.  They believe the government shouldn’t be run like a business.  If it finds itself short on money, it just prints more and goes on its merry way.  But the country HAS to be run like a business.  It has to stop spending more than it brings in.  Whether the government is run as a for-profit or non-profit entity, at the end of the day, it has to bring in as much money as it spends if it is going to survive.  But Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Waters and this Navy sailor have never understood the basics of operating in a budget.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, since Obama has been president, we haven’t had a budget so that must mean that we are free to spend as much as we like and expect others to pay for it.

Anyway, back to the military, I am pleased to see that Romney supporters outnumber Obama supporter by a 2 to 1 margin.  Hopefully that means if Obama is re-elected and caused a financial collapse, declares martial law and seizes absoluter power that the military will not be on his side and will rise up to defend our country for the enemies from within, starting with those occupying the White House.

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