Obama’s Amnesty Order Makes Illegals Eligible for Social Security & Medicare

It seems that every couple of days we learn more and more of what Obama’s executive order on amnesty entails. His order gives at least 5 million illegals a deferred deportation status to allow them to remain illegally in the United States. It also provides them with green cards to allow them to work here in the US. In many states, it also allows illegals to obtain valid driver’s licenses.

Allowing illegals to obtain a valid state driver’s license also opens the doors to many other benefits such as food stamps, welfare, housing assistance and even registering to vote. In many states, all a person has to do to register to vote is to provide a valid driver’s license and just lie about their citizenship. I honestly believe that this is part of Obama’s plan in getting several million illegals registered to vote so they can cast their ballots for Democrats in the next election.

Now we learn of an additional perk that Obama’s amnesty plan will provide for illegals. By giving them green cards which allow them to work legally in the US, it also means that if they are properly employed that they will have to start paying into Medicare and Social Security.

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Not only will they be forced to start paying into Social Security and Medicare, but if they meet enough criteria including age, they can also start collecting Social Security and using Medicare without paying into it until recently. In the long run, illegals could quickly be drawing more out of Social Security and Medicare than they as a group are paying in, placing even more of a burden on an already financially fragile system.

Steven Camarota, Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies commented, saying:

“If you have what are generally regarded as the most popular entitlement programs – and they are not viable in the long term – and now you are making them even less viable by adding lots of low income folks then that is going to have significant negative impact on political support.”

This raises another question that I haven’t seen anyone address. Many illegals are paid cash under the table instead of paying them through normal payroll channels. This is done so that employers don’t have to pay their part into Social Security and Medicare. Will these same illegals now be able to obtain Medicare and Social Security benefits even though they haven’t paid into them for years until recently?

Has Barack Obama even done anything that has actually benefitted the American people? I honestly can’t think of one single thing he’s done that has been positive, can you?

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