Obama’s Amnesty Speech Riddled with Misleading Facts

Last week, Barack Obama assumed the role of supreme dictator of the United States by creating law without Congress. He waved his traitorous hand and granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. In his speech, like many of his speeches over the past 6 years, there were many lies and misleading facts that were twisted to support his illegal action.

To begin with, Obama spoke of a campaign promise he made in 2008 of passing an immigration reform bill within a year of being elected. This lie helped him defeat GOP candidate John McCain. But after a year in office, there was no immigration bill, and there wasn’t one after the second year when he still had control of both houses of Congress. Obama was too busy ramming Obamacare down our throats than to work on immigration.

Last week, Obama also said that he committed to securing our borders and has done what he could to make that happen. Yet our borders are more porous than they’ve been in 50 years. Instead of securing the border, Obama has instructed immigration officers to ignore some of the federal immigration laws. He ordered that only illegals that were convicted of felonies be deported, allowing millions of other illegals to remain in the US without fear of deportation. Under Obama’s orders, 60,000 illegals that were convicted felons were not deported, but released to walk the streets of America.

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When states like Arizona and Texas took steps to secure their borders, Obama’s administration fought them. In Texas, then Gov. Rick Perry ordered National Guard troops to help secure the border, but the feds refused to fund the action by claiming it wasn’t necessary. In Arizona, then Gov. Jan Brewer repeatedly invited Obama to come tour the border to see the problems for himself and he refused. Then Obama filed lawsuits to block Arizona’s immigration laws that were passed to protect Arizona citizens.

In his speech last week, Obama claimed that illegal border crossings are at the lowest levels since the 1970s. During Obama’s first term, the economy was in recession and offered little incentive for illegals to come to the US. As the economy has been reported to be improving, the number of illegals caught at the border has been steadily increasing since 2011.

Perhaps another reason for lower numbers is that those numbers are based upon the number of illegals captured and detained and may not reflect actual numbers. There are numerous places along the Mexican border where large numbers of illegals are crossing on a regular basis and not being detained. Ranchers in southern Arizona continue to report seeing hundreds of illegals and drug traffickers freely crossing into the US. If Border Patrol has had their ranks and duties reduced, then there are fewer of them to detain illegals, hence lower numbers for Obama to report.

When talking about the lower number of illegals crossing into the US, he mentioned that there was on a brief spike in the number of unaccompanied minors that were detained at the border. Then he said that the latest number indicates that the number is lower than it was two years ago.

This statement was just an outright lie. In the fiscal reporting year of 2011, the number of unaccompanied minors detained at the border was only 16,000. In 2012 the number increased to 24,000 and then up to 38,800 in 2013. In the 2014 fiscal year, the number reached nearly 70,000. I don’t know what kind of math Obama is using but that makes the latest number much higher than two years ago and comparing 70,000 to 16,000 is a lot more than a brief spike.

In fact, when the huge increase of unaccompanied minors was being reported this year, Obama ignored pleas from the border states for help in securing the border to prevent more of them from entering our country.

Lastly, Obama said that he is not granting citizenship to illegals nor is he giving them permission to stay here permanently nor is he offering them the same benefits that we citizens receive. Oh where do I start on this one?

If they are not being deported and allowed to stay here and get work permits, then that pretty much equates to permanency. As for benefits, allowing illegals to legally work in the US also allows them to get driver’s licenses in most states which also then allows them to register to vote as long as they lie about their citizenship status. Illegals get free education and in many instances they get free medical care, which is something we don’t get. They are allowed to collect welfare and other government handouts as well. So what benefits that we get are they not getting?

Basically, Barack Obama has lied to Americans and he’s lied to the Hispanic community and illegals. According to the US Constitution, Obama does not have the power to create law nor does he have the power to do away with existing laws. His actions are not that of an elected official but those of someone who has assumed the throne of power by unethical and unapproved means. It’s time that Americans remove the tyrant from his assumed throne and cast him into prison for his many crimes against the nation and the American people!

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