Obama’s Betrayal of Black America

In 2007, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) made a speech at Hampton University in Virginia.  He addressed a predominantly black audience and made a number of promises to them.  He promised to make things better and build more houses for blacks.  He told them:

“We are all God’s children and we can all unite to work together to make sure the vulnerable, the aged, the sick and our children are cared for in this country.”

“We can take the bullet out if we work together as a team.”

“If we want to stop the cycle of poverty, we must start with our families.”

“Here’s one final idea that will help break the cycle of poverty — affordable health care for every single American.  Our God is big enough for that. … I’ve got a health plan that will cover every American and cut the cost of every family’ premium by up to $2,500 every year.”

So let’s look to see just how much teamwork and success Obama made for black America and whether or not he fulfilled his promises.

  • Black American adults living in poverty – 2007—19.8%; 2010—23%.
  • Black American children living in poverty – 2007—34.5%; 2010—39.1%.
  • Black Americans formal unemployment – 2007—9%; Aug. 2012—14.5%.
  • Black Americans in the workforce – 2007—58.6%; Aug. 2012—52.8%.
  • Black American household median wealth – 2005–$12,124; 2009–$5,677.
  • Black Americans owning homes – 2006—50%; 2012—45%.
  • All Americans health care cost per year- 2011—up 9%; 2012—up 4%.


Did Obama keep his promises to black America?  Under his first term of office, more blacks entered poverty, their median income dropped, more of them are unemployed and they are paying nearly $2,500 more a year for health insurance, that is if they can afford to do so.

Seems to me that he not only failed to keep his promises but he actually made things worse for black Americans as he did for most Americans.  As Neil Munro of The Daily Caller put it:

“The metaphorical bullet wound has turned septic.”

And yet, the vast majority of black Americans continue to be loyal to Obama and worship him as their social and economic savior, when in reality, he’s more like the Grim Reaper sucking the life right out of them.  Obviously, so many of them are thinking with the color of their skin rather with their brains.

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