Obama’s Birth Certificate And Eligibility To Be Investigated

In an attempt to squash the lingering questions of his birth place and eligibility to hold the Presidential office, President Obama finally supplied what was suppose to be an official long form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

However, this has only added fuel to the fire and stirred up more questions than answers. There are a number of things about the newly surfaced birth certificate that yields compelling evidence that it is a forgery. Close examination has shown that the birth certificate appears to have been typed on two different typewriters and there is terminology on it that was not used until years later.

After a meeting with members of the local Tea Party and Dr. Jerome Corsi, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced that he will launch an official investigation into the authenticity of the birth certificate and whether or not Obama will legally be allowed to be placed on the 2012 ballot in Arizona’s most populace county. Arizona has a state law, recently passed that any candidate must be able to provide adequate documentation to prove their eligibility to run for office before being placed on a ballot.

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Dr. Corsi is the author of Where’s the Birth Certificate? which has become a best seller since it’s publication. Corse had spoken the day before in Surprise, AZ on the questionable status of the birth certificate. At the meeting, 242 people signed a petition requesting that Sheriff Arpaio launch a criminal investigation into the validity of the birth certificate and whether or not Obama will be eligible to be placed on the 2012 ballot.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is well known for taking a firm stand on the law and on criminals. Some years back, the courts declared that the Maricopa County Jail was too crowded and that Arpaio had to start releasing prisoners. That really rankled the sheriff who was bound and determined not to give an early release to even one inmate. His solution was simple; he erected a number of Army surplus tents on the hot asphalt prison grounds and placed the extra prisoners there. When told by the do-gooders that he couldn’t do that because it was cruel to keep prisoners outside in the summer heat, he told them to just watch him.

In addition, he cut down there amenities to one C-Span public station on TV, no Playboy magazines and he streamlined their diet. At one point, it was costing more to feed the guard dogs than the prisoners. He has also instituted chain gangs to make prisoners work off their stay.

Arpaio’s reputation and his close friendship with former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack, gives hope that this bull dog will not let go until the issue is finally decided.

NOTE- Sheriff Mack won a US Supreme Court decision ruling that the county sheriff has full legal jurisdiction in their county, even over the feds.

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