Obama’s Brother Got Non-Profit Approval from IRS in 34 Days

In the past few days, we have already heard contradictory reports from Washington concerning the IRS scandal.  One report says that a few IRS agents acted independently and another report says that they were following orders from supervisors in Washington.  The agents themselves are all saying that they were following orders, but when President Obama addressed the nation Wednesday evening, he made it sound like it was the agents fault.

It’s interesting that the only part of the IRS scandal that Obama has acknowledged or addresses is the targeting of Tea Party and other conservatives groups applying for non-profit status. He’s not mentioned one word about the hundreds of conservatives that were targeted with audits, some within five days of another audit.

Concerning the non-profit authorization scandal, everyone seems focused on the illegal requests for non-essential information and delays of several years before acting on applications submitted by conservatives.  Some organizations have been waiting more than three years to find out if they will be approved or not.

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Once an organization applies to the IRS for non-profit status, they are allowed to list themselves as a non-profit and act accordingly for up to 27 months.  After that time, they can no longer claim to be a non-profit until the IRS has approved their application.

So what you say about an organization that started in December 2008 that claimed to be a non-profit, but never filed an application for tax exempt status with the IRS until May 2011.  That means the organization operated as a non-profit for 28 months prior to even submitting an application with the IRS.  They said the process was too complicated and that they did not have the expertise to apply for the tax-exempt status.

This organization submitted their 990 filings for 2008 and 2009 on May 30, 2011.  They submitted their 990 filings for 2010 and on May 23, 2011.  Their application for non-profit status was signed by Lois Lerner, the senior IRS agent who seems to be the target of the scandal, on June 26, 2011, only 34 days after submitting the first part of their paperwork.  Not only was the application approved in record time, but Lerner post-dated it back to Dec. 2008.

The organization I am referring to is the Barack H. Obama Foundation established and run by the president’s half-brother Abon’go ‘Roy’ Malik Obama.  For 28 months, Obama’s brother operated an illegal non-profit because he had never applied for the status with the IRS until the end of May 2011.  But nothing is being done concerning his illegal operation or the expedited time for his approval.

Normally it takes between 12-18 months to receive approval of a non-profit application with the IRS.  The scandal that most are hearing about involves Lerner and others who delayed some of those applications for more than 3 years.

It’s obvious that Lerner acted politically when she approved Malik Obama’s application in 34 days and delays those of Tea Party and conservative groups by more than 3 years.  This is a criminal offense.

However, I firmly believe that the IRS agents involved were acting under orders and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that those orders came from either the White House and/or the Justice Department.  The way the Obama administration has defied Congress in other investigations and refused to provide subpoenaed documents, I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth behind who gave the instructions to harass and target Tea Party and conservative groups.  You can be assured that if the White House and/or the Justice Department were involved that they are scrambling to hide and/or destroy incriminating documents.

Therefore, I believe we need to get rid of Obama, Holder and most of the rest of their crooked crime organization.

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