Obama’s Cabinet Members Violating Federal Election Law and No One Cares

In 1939, the Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities was passed by Congress and became federal law.  The act prohibits federal employees from being involved or holding membership in any political organization which advocates the overthrow of the constitutional form of government.  (Say, isn’t that what the Democratic Party has been doing with the help of Barack Obama and Eric Holder?)

The main aspect of the Act, later called the Hatch Act after New Mexico Senator Carl Hatch, is to prohibit federal civil servant employees in the executive branch from taking part in partisan political activity.  It also forbids them participating in political campaign activities and from intimidating or bribing voters.  They are also not allowed to use public funds for political campaign purposes.

The Hatch Act also covers all Presidential appointees including the Secretary of State and other cabinet positions.  This could be part of the reason that Hillary Clinton was outside the country during the Democratic National Convention.

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As a rule most violators of the Hatch Act are instantly terminated.  In lieu of the fact that President Barack Obama’s declaration of establishing the toughest ethics laws and transparency of his administration, you would expect him to keep to the normal procedure for those in his executive branch who violate the Hatch Act, but that does not seem to be the case.

In February, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius attended a taxpayer funded campaign event in North Carolina.  After being publicly introduced at the Secretary of HHS, Sebelius endorsed Walter Dalton’s re-election bid for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.  She also publicly endorsed Obama for re-election as well.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel announced in September that Sebelius had violated the Hatch Act.  A number of Republicans demanded that she be removed from her Cabinet position, but to date, it appears that no punitive actions have been taken against her for federal election law violation.

But wait!  There’s more!

Since Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other members of the executive branch are getting away with breaking laws, why not join.  At least that seems to be the philosophy of Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior.  This Wednesday, Salazar appeared at a campaign event being held for Barack Obama in Montrose County, Colorado.

At the event, he was introduced as Secretary of the Interior before he told the audience:

“I am here to represent Barack Obama and to tell you he needs Montrose County this November.  The truth is Colorado is right in the spotlight of the nation and the world in this election.”

A former associate counsel to President George Bush, Scott Coffina commented on Salazar’s violation, telling The Daily Caller:

“The violation is the use of his title in a political setting.  You’re not allowed to use your official title or influence to affect the outcome of an election.”

“Technically they would both be subject to termination for what are very different violations, because the way the law is set up, the presumptive penalty is termination.  I’m not saying that’s fair, but that’s the law.”

Americans for Prosperity in Colorado Deputy Director Sean Paige also commented on Salazar’s indiscretion saying:

“There seems to be a double standard, where if you’re just a run-of-the-mill government worker and you get caught politicizing the job, you get fired, but if you’re a Cabinet-level official and your boss is in a tight election, anything goes.”

But why should we be surprised of the double standards that Obama and his cabinet operate by.  In his campaigning, Obama constantly says he wants an equal playing field for everyone, yet he has never lived up to that himself.  I lost count a few months back but I would not be surprised to find out that Obama and his Cabinet have broken more laws than Bonnie and Clyde, but at least Bonnie and Clyde didn’t away with it forever and hopefully neither will Obama and his minions.

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