Obama’s Campaign Kickoff Rallies Successful For Republicans

Even though President Barack Obama has been campaigning for re-election for over a month, the past Saturday was supposed to be his official launch for term number two.

After careful research and planning, the Obama campaign strategically selected the campuses of Ohio State University and Virginia Commonwealth University.  The locations were chosen because both campuses heavily favored the president and they knew the stadiums would be filled to overflowing capacities.

Prior to the gala events, campaign workers and volunteers used the university email lists to send out invitations.  The events were locally advertised on all medias. They had done all they could to insure a capacity crowd.

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But when Barack Obama entered Ohio State’s Value City Arena-Schottenstein Center, it was obvious that the president did not have near the support that he thought he had.  The arena has seating capacity for 18,500 people, plus they had additional seating on the arena floor, but it was visibly noticeable that there were many empty seats.  Obama failed to attract the crowd he had hoped for.

Leaving the disappointing turnout at Ohio State, Obama made his way to Richmond, Virginia and the Virginia Commonwealth University.  For sure they would have a standing room only crowd here since the arena only had seating for 7,500 plus additional floor seating.  However, once again, as President Obama took to the stage, the number of empty seats again rang loudly in the campaign’s ears.

What was supposed to be the shining kickoff rallies were severely tarnished by the failure to fill hundreds and perhaps a couple thousand seats, especially those in Columbus, Ohio.  Ohio has always been considered a key state in presidential elections and Obama was counting heavily on a strong turnout in the state’s capital and flagship university.

For Republicans, the significant number of no-shows should be a positive sign that Obama’s popularity is waning and that Americans are beginning to see him and his campaign for what it is – a Marxist effort to destroy our nation’s economy and government.  Mitt Romney’s campaign needs to jump on the vacant seats and use that to their advantage.  Obama’s support is deteriorating and we hope and pray that it continues its downward trend.

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