Obama’s Campaign Takes Cash From a Tax Evasion Attorney. Anyone Surprised?

Marjorie Rawls Roberts, a fund-raiser for Obama’s re-election campaign, turned out to be an attorney who advises her clients on how to save on taxes by using the Virgin Islands as a tax haven.

Meanwhile, Obama’s White House has criticized the use of tax evasion attorneys with the goal of paying lower taxes. For example, what Warren Buffet, Obama’s most fervent supporter among the billionaires, is doing every year.

One wonders, if Obama is against tax evasion attorneys, why is his campaign financed by one?

The answer must be obvious: Obama’s presidency has been good business for Roberts. The more socialism, the more people with money will look for tax evasion attorneys. Similar to the health insurance companies supporting Obamacare: On the surface it looks strange but in reality, insurers will have the population goaded into their offices to pay insurance, whether they need it or not, or whether they want it or not.

Which again means that socialism is not about helping the poor. It is about enriching specific classes of people. Those who support the socialist candidates. It is that simple.

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