Obama’s Constituents To Be Hit Hardest By Tax Increases

Call it poetic justice or just plain stupidity on the part of Obama supporters, but the top five states that will receive the biggest tax increases as a percentage of income are states that voted for Obama’s re-election. New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire will all be experiencing between 5.8% and 6.8% tax increases on their incomes. Based on the state’s median income, Maryland would top the list in terms of actual dollar increases starting next year. Residents there would experience on average a $7,194 annual increase in their income taxes. New Jersey residents will be subjected to a 6.8% income tax increase, the highest in terms of percentage, which based on their median income will result in $6,933 in annual tax increases.

Had these states cared to realize before the election that their income taxes would increase so drastically with Obama’s re-election, would they have voted any differently? Probably not. They just want everybody to pay their “fair share,” especially the “rich,” who will continue to become less and less rich as taxes increase, and the threshold between the rich and middle class drops. And this is just what these Obama supporters want. Out of envy, they want those making more money to pay more.

I imagine that these “top five” states are happy to oblige the government with paying more taxes. Maybe it makes them feel more like contributing members of society. As they pay their own “fair share,” perhaps it makes them feel as if they’re “giving back” to their communities.

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Liberals prefer to “give away” their income in the form of confiscatory taxes. It is rather telling and a bit ironic that liberals talk a great deal about caring and providing for the poor and disadvantaged but don’t donate their time or money to organizations that really do help the poor and needy. From their perspective, the government is supposed to take care of all of us, so giving money away to some private charity is redundant and wasteful. When confronted with evidence that government programs only impoverish those they claim to help, the liberals’ only answer is that the government needs more money.

Numerous studies have been done that conclude that conservatives give away far more of their income to charities than liberals do. The Boston Globe carried an article about this a few months ago:

 “[T]he General Social Survey asked a large sample of Americans whether “the government has a responsibility to reduce income inequality” — a key ideological litmus test. Thirty-three percent of respondents agreed; 43 percent disagreed. The two groups differed sharply in more than their politics. The conservatives — those who opposed government programs to reduce inequality — were significantly more likely to donate money to charity than the liberals. And among those who did donate, conservatives gave away, on average, four times as much money per year.”

 The majority of the l0 least charitable cities in the U.S. are in New England, which comprises the majority of those states being hit hardest by next year’s tax increases. New England liberals prefer to “donate” their money to the cause of socialism than to actually fighting poverty.

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