Obama’s Deporting Fewer Potential Illegal Voters

Barack Obama touted his record number of deportations of illegal aliens in 2012 when he sent 409,000 of them home. He used those numbers to say that he was taking measures to enforce immigration laws and protect the nation. However, what he wasn’t reporting at the same time is that there were also record numbers of illegals crossing the border which largely offset those numbers. The borders were still mostly open to anyone wanting to enter the US illegally because Obama had taken no action to secure the border.

Three years later, the borders are still mostly unsecure. Evidence of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists crossing the border has done nothing to Obama’s resolve to leave the border unprotected. Last year there were nearly 100,000 illegal minors entering the country and instead of deporting them, Obama sent them to our neighborhoods and schools to further disrupt our lives and cost taxpayers millions in undeserved benefits.

Also in the past three years, Obama has seen his control of the nation diminish with more Republicans rising to office than any other time during his reign as America’s first dictator. He realizes that Democratic control is on the brink of collapsing into the hands of his conservative adversaries. He needs more Democratic voters and he’s running out of options on where to find them.

One of the options he seems to be exercising is to reduce the number of deportations of illegal aliens and set up a system that will allow them to illegally cast votes in 2016. To support that claim, I turn to just released information saying that Obama only deported 231,000 illegals in the past year. This is the lowest number since 2006 and marks a 42% drop from 2012. I don’t have concrete numbers on how many illegals crossed our borders over the past year, but all indications point to numbers much higher than the 231,000 sent home.

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Obama’s immigration policies over the past three years have made it possible for illegals to obtain work permits, tax numbers and valid state driver’s licenses. In most states, all you have to do to register to vote is have a valid driver’s license and just lie about your citizenship. No proof is needed. Worse yet is that a few states have taken the extra step to automatically register everyone who gets a driver’s license, regardless if they are a US citizen or an illegal alien.

Come November, I’m sure there will be busses picking up multitudes of illegals and taking them to the nearest polling station so they can illegally cast their votes for the Democrats. Just imagine what 5 million to 10 million illegal votes will do to the 2016 elections. It could be enough to turn the nation back over to the Democrats and hammer in the final nails to our nation’s coffin.

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