Obama’s DHS Punishes Border Patrol Agents for Reporting Large Groups of Illegals

Barack Obama is dead set to destroy America for the sake of gaining millions of illegal voters. Every one of his delayed deportation programs are not only illegal but they are intentionally designed to allow millions of the illegals the opportunity to register and vote in upcoming elections by allowing them to obtain valid state driver’s licenses. All an illegal has to do is lie about their citizenship when they get their license and they can then register and vote. They don’t have to provide any evidence to prove their citizenship, just check ‘yes’ to being a citizen and then they ask to register to vote. Oregon, a Democrat run state is making it even easier by implementing an automated system that registers every person obtaining a valid driver’s license if they say they are a citizen.

Besides the 8 to 20 million illegals that may have a huge impact in the 2016 elections, there are also the 7 million Syrian Muslims that Obama wants to welcome as refugees. They will also be allowed to obtain a driver’s license and easily lie about their citizenship in order to register and vote. Considering the fact that Obama beat Mitt Romney by only 4,982,296 votes; 5 to 27 million illegal voters can totally change the future of America.

Knowing the reason behind Obama’s immigration policies, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Border Patrol agents are being punished for doing their jobs. At a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee last week, agents told the Senators that they are being punished for reporting large groups of illegals.

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Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told the committee:

“Management will either take them out of the field and assign them to processing detainees at the station or assign them to a fixed position in low volume areas as a punishment.”

After the whistleblowing testimony of agents, John Gihon, former senior attorney with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that it’s not just men and women seeking jobs that are crossing the border illegally, but it’s also those trafficking in illegal drugs, humans and weapons as well as terrorists and those with ties to terrorism. He also states that these current practices handed down by the Obama administration are a serious threat to our national security and should be stopped immediately, explaining:

“If our government is systematically lying about how successful they are at preventing these things, there needs to be a full investigation and someone needs to pay the price for these lies.”

“We need more funding for border patrol, we need more agents, we need more and better technology, we need more and better training and we need it now.”

But we know that Obama’s regime will do nothing to prevent the continued influx of illegals no matter how much it threatens our national security or endanger the American people. Winning the 2016 election for Democrats is the only thing that matters to Obama and his minions and he will stop at nothing to achieve that goal, even if it destroys our nation and kills millions in the process.

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