Obama’s Disdain for Seniors Evident in 2016 Medicare Changes

Before Obamacare became law, I stated that the socialist healthcare program was designed to hurt seniors and lead to earlier deaths. The program placed a number of vital medications on the banned list because they were too expensive, forcing many, especially seniors, to go bankrupt paying for them or go without and die sooner than they would with their medication.

Obamacare also made private healthcare more expensive with less coverage which also has been hitting seniors hard. Many have pre-existing conditions that also drive up the cost of private healthcare to the point that many like myself cannot afford it. As I’ve reported before, the cheapest bronze plan available for my wife and I, who both have pre-existing health issues, would cost us $816 a month. That policy includes a $4,000 deductible and then only pays 60% of covered services and we all know how so many services are not covered. We can’t afford what amounts to a second mortgage payment each month and many other seniors can’t either.

Now, Obama’s disdain for seniors is about to impact millions of them nationwide. Starting in January 2016, Medicare will no longer cover individual knee and hip replacements like they have in the past. Instead, they are moving to what they are calling a ‘bundled payments’.

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Instead of paying doctors and hospitals for the costs involved in each knee and hip replacement, Medicare will pay one flat fee for all of the replacement surgeries. It won’t matter how much each case costs in doctor fees, hospital stays, surgery, pain killers, rehabilitation, therapy, homecare or further complications, the doctors and hospitals will get paid one flat fee for each case.

If someone has any complications associated with having a knee or hip replacement, the doctors and /or hospitals will end up eating the additional cost. Betsy McCaughey with the New York Post writes:

“Whatever the patient gets will come off the hospital’s bottom line and out of the doctors’ own pockets at the end of the year.”

“Seniors are guinea pigs in this new scheme…”

“Health-care analysts at Lewin Group predict hospitals will scrimp by sending patients directly home with only a part-time health aide instead of to full-time rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility.”

“Another risk is that hospitals will use low-cost implants instead of allowing surgeons to opt for newer prostheses that give patients more range of movement.”

“Bundling payments is one of several ploys to shortchange seniors…”

“Rationing is invisible. Patients won’t know about the care they should have gotten or how much less they could have suffered.”

The changes to Medicare demonstrate Obama’s disdain for seniors and his complete lack of concern for millions of Americans. At a town-hall meeting in 2009, the topic of hip replacements came up and Obama responded:

“Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery but taking the pain killer.”

I never wish ill will on anyone, but his callousness almost makes me wish he found himself in need of a hip or knee replacement and see if he still feels the same way. You know he won’t but then he’ll get best healthcare available for the rest of his life at our expense, so of course he’d get the necessary surgery without any question.




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