Obama’s Efforts to Keep America Dependent on Foreign Enemy Oil

Would you not expect the leaders of this country to strive to make us energy independent and no longer begging at the feet of nation’s that hate us for some of their of their precious oil?

So why have Democrats worked so hard to prevent America from becoming energy independent?

When Jimmy Carter was the occupant of the White House, not only did he give the Panama Canal away and botched the rescue attempt of the American hostages in Iran, but he protected some of the best oil rich land in America, preventing any possibility of tapping into this vital resource.

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As Mark Hyman of Behind the Headlines explains:

“Following the 1980 election, 75 million acres in Alaska were designated as federally protected. It was the work of lame duck President Jimmy Carter and a lame duck Congress. Nearly 20 million of those acres became the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or ANWR.”

“There are 2,000 acres in the refuge set aside for potential oil extraction. That’s less than one-hundredth of one percent. It’s called Area 10-02. Think of it as a postage stamp on a football field. It’s that small.”

Energy companies and Republicans have been trying to open up more of the ANWR oil reserve. Hyman interviewed some of the 250 Inuit villagers in Kaktovik, the closest village to the sought after area and they favor allowing for the drilling of oil.

However, Obama and his fellow liberal tyrant Democrats strongly oppose any additional drilling in the area and have turned to lying to the American people over the issue. Hyman explains:

“To make its point about saving the environment, the White House released a video. It shows animals frolicking among wildflowers and babbling brooks.”

“There’s a problem. These images are from south of the Brooks mountain range. Area 10-02 is on Alaska’s North Slope. It’s actually a barren, desolate area. It’s peat tundra without trees or permanent wildlife that sits on permafrost.”

Obama not only is lying to the American people to prevent us from tapping into the huge oil field on Alaska’s North Slope, but he and his tyrants continue to block the Keystone XL Pipeline. This pipeline would not only add a significant amount of oil for our energy needs but it is estimated that it would create up to 20,000 jobs. Considering how many Americans are out of work, these jobs would go a long way to helping men and women provide for their families.

Between the Keystone XL Pipeline and ANWR oil field, America could be 100% energy independent. We wouldn’t need to be groveling to hostile countries like Venezuela and the Muslim countries in the Middle East. Without having a vested interest in their oil, we wouldn’t have to be sacrificing the lives of our young men and women in the military trying to protect Middle East oil.

These countries need America’s billions of energy dollars and it’s been the job of Obama and democrats to see that our enemies continue to receive it. We have to realize that Obama is a Muslim and has a loyalty to the Middle Eastern Muslim nations. In fact, I truly believe that his loyalty for them is much stronger than his loyalty for America and the American people.

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