Obama’s Egyptian Buddy Makes Himself New Pharaoh of Egypt

In October 1981, Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat was assassinated.  Vice President Hosni Mubarak assumed the presidency and remained in control of the country for nearly 35 years until he was deposed and ended up resigning in Feb 2011.  Egypt had under gone almost three weeks of protests and demonstrations demanding Mubarak resign and leave the country.

Even though there seemed to be a large pro-democracy movement taking place in Egypt, all indications pointed to an Islamic extremist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood as emerging from the turmoil as the leading political force in Egypt.  In spite of everyone knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the over throw of Mubarak, Barack Obama and U.S. State Department fully supported and endorsed the pro-democracy efforts to free the nation.

Once Mubarak was gone, the Muslim Brotherhood stepped right in and muscled their way to the new presidency, electing Mohamed Morsi to be the next President of Egypt.  Knowing that Morsi was also the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama continued to welcome him with open arms and promised him all kinds of US support and money.

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Once in power, Morsi imposed a policy to drive out all non-Muslims from the nation.  Egyptian police and military joined radical Muslims in persecuting Egypt’s Coptic Christians who were beaten, raped, tortured, burned and murdered.   Their homes and churches were burned and still Obama gave Morsi his full support.

In the past couple of months, Morsi has openly stated that he would like to see Israel removed from the face of the earth.  He has sided more with Iran, who shares similar feelings about Israel’s future, and yet Obama continues to support him and throw millions of dollars his way.

This past week, Morsi supposedly helped to negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and the US praised him for his efforts.

Now, Muhamed Morsi has granted himself sweeping powers that basically establishes himself as the supreme dictatorial leader of the nation.  Mohamed El Baradei, a democracy advocate, said that the new powers that Morsi granted himself makes him the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

When word was announced in Egypt of what Morsi had done, protests erupted in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.  In all three cities, clashes erupted between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and pro-democracy advocates.  Egypt is starting to look like February 2011 all over again.

Finally, the US State Department is condemning Morsi’s actions and calling for peace in the country.  Victoria Nuland, Spokeswoman for the State Department, said:

“The decisions and declarations announced on November 22 raise concerns for many Egyptians and for the international community.”

“We call for calm and encourage all parties to work together and call for all Egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully and through democratic dialogue.”

“One of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution.  The current constitutional vacuum in Egypt can only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that includes checks and balances, and respects fundamental freedoms, individual rights, and the rule of law consistent with Egypt’s international commitments.”

But shouldn’t the US condemnation of Morsi and his actions have happened much sooner, say when Morsi started the Christian genocide or when he announced that he intended to establish an Islamic Caliphate which himself as the head?

He’s been telling the world of his intentions since before his election and Obama just kept bobbing his head yes like one of the bobble-head dogs that use to grace so many cars years ago.  Obama kept encouraging Morsi by pledging support and lavishing millions of dollars that we don’t have.

So why should we be so shocked by Morsi’s latest actions?

Hasn’t Obama been setting the stage for doing the same thing here in America?  Every few days he uses an executive order to grant himself more and more power so that he will soon be able to assume dictatorial leadership of America?  Perhaps Obama has been grooming and training Morsi to join him in world Islamic domination?

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