Obama’s Egyptian Muslim Buddies Drag Christian Woman from Car, Beat & Stab Her to Death

President Barack Obama was open and adamant with his support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s governing of Egypt.  He helped to equip them for their overthrow of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  Then he dumped billions of dollars to help the Muslim terrorist group to start harassing, beating, raping and killing Egypt’s Coptic Christians.  Even when Congress froze all aid to Egypt, Obama acted illegally and took it upon himself to free millions of dollars for them and went forward the sale of fighter jets.

While Egypt’s Christians, which made up 10% of the nation’s population, were being targeted by Egyptian police, military and radical Islamists, Obama never said one word about the genocide.  Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also remained silent concerning the human rights violations being committed by Egypt’s President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood regime.  That should not be a surprise since Clinton’s closest aide and advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim whose mother is a member of the Egyptian Sisterhood, the female counterpart of the Brotherhood.  Incidentally, both Obama and Clinton are facing international charges for their support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s genocidal acts in Egypt.

Even though the Egyptian Brotherhood has been removed from governmental power, they are still alive and terrorizing Egypt’s Christians.  The latest attacked reports that a mob of Muslims stopped a young Coptic Christian woman’s car, dragged her out onto the street in Cairo where they beat her and stabbed her death.  Her crime?  She had a cross hanging from the rearview mirror in her car.  Mary Sameh George was only 25 years old and on her way to deliver medicine to an elderly woman who was ill.  The attack was so brutal that pieces of her scalp were torn off, her throat was slit and then her car was torched.

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The report of the attack was played down in the Egyptian media.  A spokesman for the Interior Ministry just said that protesters had ‘stabbed a Christian woman to death.’  Then they placed the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is just one of many reports of violence against Christians by the so-called religion of peace.  Muslims are attacking Christians in Nigeria, Sudan and a number of other nations, but little is reported in the liberal worldwide media.  But let one Christian do anything against a Muslim and the whole world knows about it and President Obama takes the stage and apologizes if the Christian was an American.

Obama’s open door policy is allowing thousands of Muslims to immigrate to the US.  They are congregating in various cities and steadily taking over the local government, schools and businesses.  But don’t forget that Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder spent 3 years and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to deport one family because they are Christian and homeschooling their kids.

When Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency in 2016, I hope people realize just how connected she is to the Islamic terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood who are still waging a war on Christians and murdering them in the most horrible ways.  If Americans knew of her support and connection to them, I’m sure that her chances of winning would be greatly diminished.

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