Obama’s End-Around Play

Football enthusiasts are familiar with a play known as the end-around play. There are several variations of the play, but basically, it involves the quarterback handing off the ball to a running back or wide receiver. The quarterback fakes like he still has the ball and the new ball carrier either runs around the opposite end of the line from where they started to avoid the strongest position of the defense or passes it to a receiver down field and go over the heads of the defense. The play is known for deception and is sometimes referred to a trick play.

One dictionary defines end-around as: “A maneuver in which impediments are bypassed, often by deceit or trickery.”

In the compromised debt plan put forth by Senator Harry Reid and President Obama their original insistence for a tax hike has been removed. They give the appearance of capitulating to the Republican demands.

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However, Reid and Obama are now proposing a 12 member commission to work on additional deficit cuts over the next 10 years. The commission is suppose to be made of members of the Senate and House with equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats.

In a statement made on Sunday, President Obama reiterated his belief that tax hikes are essential to financial recovery and many have taken his comments to hint that he and Reid will use the newly proposed commission to accomplish his tax hike plan. It seems that this is the Democrat’s end-around play by trying to trick Republicans and Americans into thinking that they have abandoned their desire to raise taxes, while all the time planning to go around the current debt plan and use the commission to score their goal.

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