Obama’s Example Of Obamacare Success Turned To Failure 3 Days Later

On October 21, President Barack Obama read an email he received from a lady who thanked him for his healthcare program.  They both spoke too soon.

Jessica Sanford is a 48 year old single mom that lives in the state of Washington.  She went to the state exchange site to look at her options to purchase healthcare insurance.  The state exchange took all of her information and then calculated her rates.  They told her that she qualified for a federal tax credit that brought her monthly premium into an affordable range, so she purchased her policy.

Sanford was so happy and excited about successfully purchasing her new healthcare policy that she emailed President Obama.  Being he was in desperate need of something positive in the midst of HealthCare.gov nightmare, Obama read Sanford’s email at an event promoting the Affordable Care Act.  She was one of the few shining stars in Obama’s darkening night sky of popularity.

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However, three days later, Sanford received the first of a number of letters informing her that the state’s tax credit calculator had made a mistake and that she didn’t qualify for the federal tax credit.  Without the tax credit, her premiums drastically increased making the policy too expensive for her to afford.

Sanford commented about her success to failure story, saying:

“It was like riding a big rollercoaster.  They have my credit card, they have the payment date and then, you know, once again I’m knocked down, and this time it’s to zero. And at my rate of pay, with my family size, I just don’t understand why I wouldn’t get at least a little help with a tax credit.”

“It was a huge disappointment.  Especially since I had, you know, my story had been shared by the President.”

According to a report from CNN, Sanford wasn’t alone as a number of residents living in the state of Washington had the same thing happen to them.  They applied for healthcare insurance through the state exchange, they were told they qualified for the federal tax credit, they received quotes and signed up for the insurance.  Then they received letters just like Jessica Sanford telling them that they didn’t qualify for the tax credit and their premiums would be considerably higher than when they signed up.

Had this been a retail store selling something at one price and then finally charging the customer a higher price at the last minute, they would be in court so fast that their heads would spin.  You can’t help but wonder if this was done intentionally to get people signed up and then gouge them for the higher premium after they signed the electronic dotted line.

Sanford needs to write another email and send it to Obama along with every member of Congress telling them the whole story.  She also needs to demand that Obama read her second email at his next public appearance promoting his Abominablecare socialized healthcare program.  If he doesn’t, then she needs to make sure that every media outlets hears the rest of the story.

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