Obama’s Green Agenda is Political Hot Air

It’s interesting how comfortable President Obama is at lying as he was giving his speech on climate change recently. Since any President must be privy to all information concerning the world and the US in particular, Obama knows without a doubt that climate change is a bogus issue.

With that in mind, his claims of the last 15 years being the warmest on record, the dangers of rising CO2 levels, and the need to curb them proves to be nothing more than political theatrics designed to take the public’s mind off the many scandals facing his Administration.

Let’s have a look at the lies themselves.

I refer you to my article “More Lies About Greenhouse Gasses” which proves CO2 levels to be exaggerated and disproves CO2 as being a gas responsible for warming periods on our planet.

The total current CO2 levels in the entire atmosphere of earth are less than 1% of 1%. This is a scientific fact which cannot be disputed, thus making CO2 almost an inert gas in the overall composition of the atmosphere.

The claim of the last 15 years as being the warmest on record is a blatant lie.

Actual meteorological records, not manipulated data as the IPCC, WMO, and UN-based climate departments show temperatures to be the warmest on record during the last half of the 1930s and into the 1940s. This is a scientific fact which cannot be disputed.

The hottest year on record was 1934, not any year since then, including any in the last 15 years.Global Cooling_Time_1977

Basically, what we have here is the President giving us dire consequences in the need to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist, namely CO2.

We as Americans shouldn’t allow President Obama to further degrade our already lousy economy by burdening businesses with higher costs and fines associated with their use of coal in the name of a false threat.

The threat of higher CO2 levels isn’t taken seriously by the President or the UN. The proof is the fact that all automobiles and trucks being manufactured in the US and abroad still are required to have catalytic converter that are basically CO2 producers.

Catalytic converters take pollutants such as carbon monoxide and oxidize it into carbon dioxide — CO2. If they were really serious about rising CO2 levels, years ago they would have replaced catalytic converters with a filtering system which wouldn’t manufacture CO2. Since this hasn’t been done, it proves the CO2 threat to be a lie and nothing more than an avenue to bestow more Socialism here in America in the form of directing how we live our daily lives from the time we get up until we go to bed. All for a threat that doesn’t exist.

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