Obama’s Henchmen Not Done Attacking Sheriff Arpaio for Questioning Birth Certificate

When most people decide to run for a political office, they are required to produce the necessary documentation to prove that they are legally eligible to hold the office sought after. However, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, he never properly provided the required documentation. That alone should have told America that Obama thought he was above the law before he ever ran for the White House, but too many Americans were blinded by Obama’s dark skin.

A group of concerned citizens in Arizona petitioned the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office to investigate Obama’s eligibility and the very questionable birth certificate, Social Security Number and Selective Service Card. Sheriff Joe Arpaio felt it was his sworn duty to take on the investigation, but rather than use taxpayer money, the investigation was turned over to department’s Cold Case Posse which is mostly volunteer run.

After a fairly thorough and frustrating investigation, the posse and Arpaio announced that they discovered substantial evidence to show that all three documents presented by the White House were forgeries and that whoever was involved in producing and promoting them were guilty of fraud.

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Once Obama learned of the investigation, he sent his pit bull, Eric Holder, to attack Arpaio and try to run him out of office. Holder’s Justice Department brought bogus racial profiling charges against Arpaio and his department for targeting Hispanics. Arpaio countered by telling the feds that close to 90% of the crimes his department handled involved illegal drug and human trafficking and that it was Hispanics committing the crimes. If he didn’t look at and target these Hispanics, he would be failing in his job, but that wasn’t acceptable to Holder who took Arpaio to court before a liberal judge. Arpaio was found guilty of racial profiling and told that his department was no longer allowed to enforced federal immigration laws. The judge then ordered that a federally appointed monitor would watch everything the sheriff’s department did to make sure they weren’t targeting Hispanics or enforcing the federal immigration laws. It didn’t matter that such a large percentage of the crimes the sheriff’s department handled were committed by Hispanics.

Now, US District Judge G. Murray Snow has ordered a civil contempt hearing against Arpaio and his department for:

– Evidence that deputies failed to abide by Snow’s preliminary injunction to stop enforcing federal immigration law. Arpaio and several top aides must show why they should not be held in contempt.

– Evidence that sheriff’s officials did not disclose all required information in pre-trial proceedings, including deputies’ audio-recording devices.

– Why the office failed to follow oral orders given in May.

The residents of Maricopa County re-elected Arpaio to keep his position as the sheriff of Arizona’s most populous county of 4 million people. Many of the county residents are asking how Arpaio is supposed to do his job if he can’t enforce immigration laws.

I lived in Maricopa County for over 36 years and still have family and friends there and they tell me that large sections of the county have become overrun with illegal Hispanics. My old neighborhood that was a very safe and family friendly section of Mesa is now mostly all Hispanic. Many of the homes house 20-30 illegals and the crime rate in that area has skyrocketed. It is no longer a family friendly or safe place to be. My wife and I used to take walks in the evening, but nowadays, no one goes out night unless you’re looking for drugs or want to be the victim of a robbery or violence.

Several weeks ago, an illegal shot and killed a convenience store clerk only a mile from where I used to live. The illegal man had been previously arrested several years ago and initially marked for deportation, but was allowed to go free anyway. Now a family mourns the death of their loved one because federal immigration laws are not enforced, thanks to Obama. I said it then and I’ll keep saying it that Obama should be held liable for the crimes committed by illegals that he allows to stay in the country.

If local police and the sheriff’s department were allowed to do their jobs and enforce federal immigration laws, the crime rates in Maricopa County could be drastically reduced, but that’s not important to Obama and his henchmen. They don’t care that countless American citizens are losing their lives and being driven from their homes and communities by the flood of illegals and illegal drugs. All they care about is attacking one man who had the integrity to stand up and say that Obama is not legally eligible to occupy the White House. And Obama will continue to attack Arpaio until he runs him out of office.

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