Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal Could Spell Destruction of Israel

There is no secret that our Muslim-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama hates Israel and has supported Israel’s enemies such as the Muslim Brotherhood who vowed to destroy Israel and the US. So one has to wonder if Obama’s rushed nuclear deal with Iran has a hidden agenda – the destruction of Israel?

Allow me to explain:

Hezbollah is a terrorist group based in Lebanon. They are one of many Muslim extremist groups that would like nothing better than to destroy the nation of Israel. Their largest benefactor is Iran who has supplied Hezbollah with tons of weapons. According to some analysts, Hezbollah has around 100,000 rockets strategically placed throughout Lebanon and they are all aimed south towards Israel. By strategically placed, I mean that they are located in the heart of civilian populations. They do this to prevent Israel from retaliating and destroying the missile launching sites and if they do retaliate, Hezbollah and Lebanon can accuse the Israelis of war crimes.

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The rockets, along with ‘precision weapons’, SA-22 anti-aircraft systems, drones and Yakkont anti-ship missiles, have largely been supplied by Iran for the purpose of attacking and destroying Israel. There hasn’t been a war between Hezbollah and Israel since 2006, but the tensions in the Islamic terrorist organization have been building, much like the tension in an active fault line. Some believe that tension is approaching the breaking point due to increased strong rhetoric rising from the Hezbollah fighters still in Lebanon.

So why hasn’t Hezbollah attacked Israel with all of the Iranian supplied weaponry? The answer lies with the rebel conflict in Syria, who is also an ally with Iran. Rebels are trying to overthrown the regime of Assad. Since a great deal of Iran’s wealth is tied up in UN sanctions, they haven’t been able to aid Syria as much as they would like. Hence, 6,000 to 8,000 Hezbollah fighters have been deployed in Syria to help Assad’s troops fight off the rebels.

Once Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is approved, Iran is set to receive $100 to $150 billion in cash which is being released from frozen accounts and escrow holdings from oil profits. Additionally they will be able to open trade deals with a number of countries and companies that will bring in additional millions or billions of dollars in cash, goods, gold and other precious metals.

As soon as Iran receives their money, they will be able to financially support Syria who will then be able to pay their troops and purchase needed weaponry. This would free up the 6,000 to 8,000 Hezbollah fighters, allowing them to return to Lebanon and thus be ready to mount the attack on Israel.

Supposedly, the United States has vowed to support Israel in the event of a war with Iranian sponsored Hezbollah terrorists, but with Obama’s treatment of Israel over the past six and half years, I would be surprised if he did support our Jewish allies.

In fact, I can’t help but wonder if the motive behind Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal is to help set the stage for a Hezbollah attack on Israel and their possible destruction. If Israel was to be destroyed and Obama had any part of it, he would definitely use that to boost relations between the US and the rest of the Middle East Muslim nations.

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