Obama’s IRS Rakes in Record Amount of Tax Revenue

How many times in the past five years have you heard Barack Obama say that he wouldn’t raise taxes on middle and lower income Americans? I think if I got paid every time Obama made that statement, I’d be approaching the one percenter group.

After trying to hide around 20 tax increases inside Obamacare alone, it should be no surprise to learn that Obama’s IRS has just set a record for tax revenue collection in the month of April. In one month they took in $414.23 billion dollars. That’s the most ever collected in one month by the Infernal Revenue Suckers.

In fact, the IRS took in so much money that they had a monthly surplus of $106.8 billion. Yay! A surplus! Hold on, because last year they had a monthly surplus in April only to drop to a deficit of $38.7 billion dollars in May. Most likely, the same will happen this year also.

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Not only did the IRS set a record for revenue collected in April, but they also set a record for tax revenue collected in the first seven months of the 2014 fiscal year that began on October 2, 2013. Their seven month record topped $1.735 TRILLION. Federal income tax accounted for $823 billion of the record revenue taken in.

Before you start leaping for joy, you need to know that in the first seven months, the federal government still had a deficit of $306.4 billion. By the end of the fiscal year, September 30, they expect to have a total deficit of $650 billion.

If you want a breakdown as to where the majority of the federal money has gone to date here are the top 4 expenditures for the first seven months:

  • $528 billion to Dept. Health and Human Services (Medicare & Medicaid)
  • $521 billion to Social Security payments
  • $427 billion in payments on national debt
  • $341 billion to Defense Dept.

If Congress would stop giving billions of dollars to countries who hate us, that $650 billion deficit would be lowered. We also need to stop rebuilding mosques in the Middle East. I wonder how many millions we could save if we closed down our military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and brought our troops home to secure our own borders?

I just went to USA.gov to see what all government agencies and departments I could find to shut down. You may be surprised to find out that there were 34 listed just under the letter A. Among those I found about half dozen that could be shut down and save money.

Under the letter D, I found the following departments that could easily be eliminated:

Department of Education

Department of Energy

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Labor

Department of Transportation

I’m sure that a group of accountants and businessmen could easily run through the lists of departments and agencies and slice enough to change the $650 billion deficit into a surplus that could go to paying down the national debt. In fact, if I were president, I would bring in such a group to analyze the federal budget with the instructions to recommend a balanced budget like they would do for a business. We need to take the finances out of the hands of Congress and the White House and put it in the hands of business professionals.

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