Obama’s Liberal Military Rife with Corruption

Not long after Barack Obama assumed his presidential throne, he began tailoring the US military to his liking.  Once known for very conservative values; Obama began to permeate the military with his liberal ideology.  The military support for traditional family values was tossed out of the foxhole when Obama repealed the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy and allowed gays to openly serve in the military.

Not only has the insertion of homosexuals in the military weakened the moral standards once held high by the military, but other Obama liberalness has infiltrated into the echelons of top military brass.  The Obama military has also declared open warfare on Christianity in almost every venue possible.  They have threatened military chaplains with court martial if they do refuse to perform same-sex unions and marriages or if they allow their facilities to be used for the same.  Troops in the Middle East have been told to hide their Bibles or any Christian jewelry, photos, crosses etc. so as not to offend any of the local Muslims.

Record numbers of officers are being fired for reasons of misconduct including gambling, corruption, drug abuse, sexual assault, alcohol abuse and wasting taxpayer dollars.

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In 2010, 119 officers were lost to misconduct.  In 2013, that number more than doubled to 387 officers, the Army taking the largest hit.  If your leaders can’t behave, you very well can’t expect your enlisted personnel to either.  In 2007 there were 5,600 cases of enlisted personnel breaking ethics rules.  In 2013, that number swelled to 11,000.

Pentagon officials blame relaxed standards, some blame personnel being overworked and under monitored and others say that it may be due to repeated deployments.

They can look all they want at reasons for the increase in liberal corruption in the military, but they’re not going to find the answer looking in that direction.  If they truly want to identify the source of the liberal corruption that has been running rampant in the military ranks, they need to turn their attention to the Commander in Chief.  He is the king of corruption and everything about his administration reeks with the stench of immorality and lack of values.  You can’t really expect the underlings to be any different than their leader and with Obama as their leader, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more officers fired and military careers ended.

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