Obama’s Life as a Teenage Drug User

A book called “Barack Obama: The Story,” by David Maraniss goes into the president’s history as a drug user in his youth, one of many subjects the mainstream media have always known about but avoided.

Maraniss goes where the media have feared to tread, interviewing Obama’s old high school buddies and delving into his character as a young man.

Suffice it to say that young Barry was the sort of person that would have led my mother to kill us for inviting him home.

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In his formative years, Obama hung around with a gang of kids known for their heavy marijuana use, called the Choom Gang. “Choom” is Hawaiian slang for pot smoking.

Obama showed his talent for leadership early on, setting trends for his fellow dopers, including what the Choom Gang called “TA,” for “Total Absorption,” the ability to inhale pot smoke deeply and exhale without letting any smoke escape.

According to Maraniss, Obama also popularized the concept of “roof hits.” When smoking in a car, the Choomers would roll up the windows so no smoke could escape, then when the reefers were done, they would inhale the last of the smoke from the roof of the car.

The future president also showed his passion for “spreading the wealth” when his buddies were sharing a joint. He had a tendency to snatch a joint out of turn, shouting “intercepted!” and taking an extra hit.

The pothead adventures continued into his career at Occidental College.

The Left is lighting up (sorry, couldn’t resist) the blogs to excuse Obama’s behavior as typical teen maladjustment. There’s also a lot of comparison to the apparently made up story about Mitt Romney harassing gays.

I knew a lot of kids like Obama when I grew up. That sort of drug behavior isn’t “typical” in any sense of the word. More often than not, bad kids turned into worse adults. The ones who turned their lives around were few and far between.

There were some, however, who learned to function in society but never really changed at all. As a group, they see themselves as overly important, not subject to the same rules as the rest of us and oblivious to the damage they cause to those around them. They’re addicts, just “controlled” addicts. They’re the last people I would want to see in charge of anything.

The drug stories fill in one of the many gaps left by the media in Obama’s history, and sadly they help explain a lot about his administration’s contempt for the law and the country’s traditions.

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