Obama’s Muslim Buddies Rank Lowest in World for Gender Equality

How many times have we heard Barack Obama and his disciples accuse Republicans of waging a war on women? How many times have we heard Barack Obama sing the praises of Islam and the Muslim way of life?

We’ve heard him quote from the Quran, which he does far better than his attempts to quote the Bible. He wears a wedding band with an Islamic inscription and he admits that he was raised Muslim when he lived in Indonesia.

So would it surprise you to learn that in the recent report released by the World Economic Forum on Global Gender Gap Index that most Islamic nations ranked at the bottom in gender equality? In fact, seven of the bottom ten countries were Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, all of which are Islamic nations. The highest ranking Arab country was Kuwait at #114 out of 142 countries.

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Remember how much Obama supported Egypt and their Muslim Brotherhood government? Obama committed treason when he defied and bypassed Congress in giving millions of dollars in aid and weapons to Egypt to support their sharia law controlled government. Believe it or not, conditions in Egypt have improved slightly since the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted, but they still only rank #129 out of 142 countries in gender equality.

The top ten countries were Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Ireland, Philippines and Belgium. Canada was #19 followed by the United States. Even South Africa with all of their racial and social issues ranked higher than the US and Canada coming in at #18.

Penny Nancy, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America told OneNewsNow:

“We’ve said all along that women in the Middle East, women in many Muslim countries, are suffering from lack of basic human rights. There’s not the equal protection under the law for them, they don’t have the right to own property – they don’t even have the right to drive a car or to go out in public without a man. There is certainly a deficit of freedom for Islamic women.”

“The human trafficking at the hands of Islamic fascists is outrageous, and we find it so disheartening that American feminists refuse to join with us in adding their voice to the fact that this is happening and that we must stand up against the human rights violations that are happening right now, today in the Middle East against women.”

Now consider the fact that most Muslims involved in American politics are Democrats and it’s the Democratic Party that has shown more support for Islam than for Christianity. Remember the 2012 Democratic National Convention that opted not to have any Christian prayer or comments about God?

So who is it that really is at war with women? As more Muslims infiltrate the Democratic Party and American politics, we’ll see more and more gender inequality and somehow they will continue to blame Republicans for their anti-women agenda.

I hope this reaches enough women in time to help them decide on just who they plan on voting for tomorrow when they go to the polls.

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