Barack Obama’s New ‘My Plate’ is America Sissified

First things first. The Food Pyramid is a poor guide to nutrition. The pyramid instructs those who follow it to consume the largest portion of their daily food intake as sugar. Breads, pastas, grains, etc. are all bad carbohydrates. Any foods that contain the bottom portion of the Food Pyramid which instructs 6-11 servings a day gets converted to sugar in the body. The body can’t burn fat when it first has to be burn the sugars it consumes. If there is too much sugar, the body converts it to fat. See the problem?

Getting back to the point, or really, just my thoughts on this whole transition from the Food Pyramid to My Plate. The Food Pyramid in all it’s flaws at least offered a visual to how much of each you should consume. The food plate doesn’t do any of this. It looks like you get one serving and a dessert. Each of the main food groups is placed on a single serving plate with dairy to the side. One serving a day with an extra portion of dairy? Useless. Three plates would be a little more useful.

Furthermore, Food Pyramid is much more American (or should I say Egyptian. Those pyramids are still standing.) than My Plate. Food Pyramid speaks of strength and toughness to outlast all things. My Plate reminds me of how our country is becoming sissified. To me, it is everything anti-America. It shows how sensitive we’ve become. Let’s keep our majorly flawed and worthless Pyramid and break the Plate and then let’s get the government out of telling us what is a healthy lifestyle. Maybe if there were no subsidies or tax breaks in the food business, it might be a little more objective.

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