Obama’s Next Defiant State of the Union

Listening to President Obama speaking is just irritating. Between the stumbling “uhs” and “hmms” as he tries to find his place on the teleprompter and the arrogant overuse of “I” in every speech, he’s like nails on a chalkboard.

The media assure us that he’s an unusually eloquent speaker, but actual evidence of that is elusive at best.

Nonetheless, tonight’s State of the Union address could be something to see.

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After all, how do you top last year’s SOTU, when Obama stood before the entire world and essentially said, “To hell with Congress. If Congress wants to do everything I say, then we can pretend it’s still relevant. Otherwise, it’s me, myself and I in charge. I’m gonna propose the laws, I’m gonna approve them, and I’m gonna selectively enforce them. Now here’s a towel. Clean yourself up.”

And Congress just sat there, nodding in agreement that the relationship troubles were all their fault, and asking Obama if he’d like a cigarette.

John Boehner cried because it was all so beautiful.

OK, maybe that’s all a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

If Obama wants to really wow them tonight, he should just go for it, issue Order 66 and announce the reorganization of the United States government into the First Galactic Empire.

As it is, he’s going into the congressional chamber with his party having been resoundingly drubbed in the November election, yet having snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by telling Boehner and the other frightened children of the GOP leadership scary stories about how the Tea Party was gonna get them if they didn’t get in bed with “mama” Nancy Pelosi.

The mainstream media have already set the stage for a victory parade with phony polls showing growing approval numbers and more false claims about an improving economy.

They are making a to-do about Obama having threatened a half dozen vetoes over the past two months while having exercised only two vetoes in the past six years.

But a veto threat is nothing compared with completely throwing the Constitution out the window and getting away with it. Obama has, with his mighty pen and phone, made millions of new de facto Americans simply by willing it to happen. He didn’t even have to issue an actual executive order; he just called up a flunky at Homeland Security and said, “Make it so.”

Obama’s walking into that SOTU a victor because nobody in Congress can stop him from doing anything.

It may very well be the case that Obama actually has more power than any president in history. If he wasn’t such a bumbling idiot and handicapped by his own narcissism and laziness, he could be a veritable Julius Caesar. He crossed the Rubicon last year, the Pompeian optimates of Congress retreated, and Obama remains on the seat of power.

Can Obama turn tonight’s speech into his own Battle of Pharsalus? Or will his personal flaws once again keep him from the ultimate victory you know he wants, to rule utterly unchallenged and unencumbered by law.

If his handlers are smart, they’ll have him announce some outrageously unconstitutional program of government overreach and watch Congress grab its ankles again.

After all, who’s going to stop him?

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