Obama’s Presidential Win Was Shaped in the American Classroom

Progressives, humanists, liberals, and Democrats have been granted unfettered control to manipulate curricula in their favor. Educational-policy people have focused on history or social studies curricula to change the political and social values of America. The consequences are evident in Vice-President Joe Biden’s blatant misrepresentation of history with the phrase, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains” which successfully frightened many voters and received barely a whimper of protest from conservatives.

Had American classrooms provided a fact-based understanding of American history, our citizens would not have fallen for this falsehood. Because education impacts social and political outcomes, conservatives have an obligation to remind Americans of these historical facts:

Our founding fathers tried to ban slavery in the constitution, but Southerners threatened to reject the entire constitution. The founders compromised and included language which assured that three-fifths of the people held in slavery would be considered as individuals—not property—FOR REPRESENTATION PURPOSES regarding both the distribution of taxes and the apportionment of the members of the United States House of Representatives. Democrats have historically used Republican compromise against Republicans. When Republicans remain silent, distortions become acceptable.

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Republican Senator Trumbull wrote the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the first to give U.S. citizenship to all African Americans with “full and equal benefit of all laws and proceeding for the security of person and property as is enjoyed by white citizens.” Many history professors ignore the fact that most Democrats voted against the 1866 Civil Rights Act and most Republicans voted for it. Republican Senator Trumbull also co-authored the 13th Amendment banning slavery.

To stop the ethnic violence against blacks, Republicans wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1871. Democrats started the KKK to intimidate black Republicans serving in congress. An estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites were hanged by KKK members between 1882 and 1964.

The first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic Convention. No Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment which granted citizenship to former slaves. The KKK terrorized black Americans until they would promise not to vote for Republican tickets.

Black Republicans like Frederick Douglass initiated Civil Rights laws. A 13-volume set of congressional investigations from 1872 irrefutably documents these facts. Conservatives allow Democrats to perpetuate falsehoods with impunity. Citizens must refute the false premise that tax cuts cost the government money, that government is a source for job creation, and that America is a democracy. America is a republic. Unless citizens inform the population of accurate historical facts, the Democratic Party is likely to continue winning through manipulation and distortion of facts.

Progressives and modern secular humanists who have been shaping educational policy have created a society that is incapable of identifying deceit and manipulation. Until Republicans and conservatives assume responsibility for protecting our republic through active involvement in every institution, Democrats will enjoy future victories.

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