Obama’s Ship is Sinking

While watching the whole debt ceiling debacle unfold I can’t help but watch how the President of the United States steers his ship. He is called the Commander in Chief, the Leader of this Nation, the “One.” All of which insists that he is, well, the President. But let’s look at it like this. The nation itself is a ship, (that’s why it’s often called the “Ship of State”), the American people are its passengers, the men and women of  Congress are the ship’s crewmen and the president is its captain. It must run as a well oiled machine. Everyone needs to be doing his or her part, and it needs an authoritative figure for guidance and direction when the situation is dire.

If the crews cleaning the decks aren’t doing their part, than the crews hoisting the sails aren’t able to move around appropriately to propel the ship. If the crews hoisting the sails aren’t propelling the ship, the captain is unable to steer the ship. If the captain is unable to steer the ship, the ship could hit a reef, sink. Think Titanic. When the ship is in treacherous waters, there needs to be a leader stating “come together, clean the deck, raise or strike the sails, and do it now.” The Caine Mutiny (1954) comes to mind.

How a captain runs his ship is how the ship makes it from point A to point B in one piece and able to sail again. Let’s look at why Captain Obama is heading for the rocks.

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Now, in a management situation where there is a mistake that has been made, the number one rule is “I don’t care who did it, fix it.” President Obama is doing the opposite. He is glaring at the right side and saying “You ran the car into the ditch and now you are sipping on a Slurpee asking if you can drive after we get it out.” He has even gone so far as to compare Republicans to his elementary-aged daughters. He is blaming everyone but himself. It’s like he’s lying down in the middle of the floor  holding his breath until he gets his way.

If you are going to captain a ship, run a bakery, drive a nation . .  .the main requirement is teamwork. One team working on averting a disaster is much better than two teams going in opposite directions. You, Mr. President, need to put your big boy Dungarees on and state, “We are in a horrible situation, I don’t care who did. Let’s fix it.” Our President needs to stop pointing his finger and start bringing people together. Instead of pitting two sides of Congress against one another, get them to realize that they are in their position for one thing and one thing only: The well being of the passengers of the ship. Get up there and tell the crewmen to pick up the slack, come to an agreement and get us out of this situation without sinking the ship or posturing for political accolades.

A President is someone who is supposed to keep a country together, not rip it down the center.

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