Obama’s So Far Out of Touch With Middle Class And He Haven’t a Clue

One of the issues that Barack Obama keeps raising about his Republican opponent Mitt Romney is that Romney’s wealth has made him out of touch with the middle class.  Earlier this year one of our authors wrote asking Who Is Really Out Of Touch With Middle and Lower Class Americans – Romney or Obama?

Today I would like to take the opportunity to add to that case that Barack and Michelle Obama are so far out of touch with middle and lower class America that they really haven’t a clue as to our plight in today’s economy.

To begin with, I would like to point out that in the first three years of occupying the White House, the Obama’s have taken 16 vacations, most of them costing several hundred thousand taxpayer dollars.  I’m 60 years old and have worked my entire life starting at age 12.  I’ve been married almost 41 years and we have taken only 3 real vacations due to finances.

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Earlier this month, it was reported in all of the national media that Barack Obama had just played his 100th round of golf since taking office.  From the time he took office on January 20, 2009 to the day of his 100th golf game on June 17, 2012, there was a total of 1245 days, which means that Obama has played golf on 8% of the days he’s been in office.  This is during a time when the nation is facing some of the worst economic times in our history and a time when many American’s have had to give up extras like golf because of the economy.

Now in the latest evidence of just how out of touch with American in general Obama and his campaign are is the way he is running his campaign.  Every time Obama shows up somewhere for one of his fundraising events, the community incurs thousands of dollars of cost in extra police and security details.  They have to block roads and secure whole neighborhoods so his royal arrogance can make a personal appearance.

At a time when most cities and counties are facing deficit budgets, having to lay off workers and cut programs to some that need them, the last thing they need to do is to spend thousands of dollars they don’t have so Obama can raise millions.  As one news article worded it,

“No one should be surprised that the Obama campaign refused to pay the cost of police protection for the President’s Durham campaign stop on Monday. The entire Obama administration can be summed up in these five words: Obama gives speech, we pay.” [emphasis mine]

In some of these cities that are struggling to survive, an Obama fundraiser could in fact cost them so much that it could result in a middle class American being laid off.  You would think that since these fundraisers bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in donations that they could at least pay the city and or county for the expenses they cost them.  But no, not this crass and uncaring president and his campaign.  They can’t be bothered with the little people they step on while on the path to bilk the rich out of their pocket change.  To them, we are nothing more than pesky little ants to be trod over by the high and mighty.

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