Obama’s Success = Job Loss and Disability Increase

Four years ago, we heard promises of change and doing things differently that would lead to millions of new jobs and at least a start to economic recovery.

Four years later, we see that the exact opposite is true.  According to figures being released by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, the overall workforce in America has decreased by 1.3 million jobs from Jan. 2009 when Obama took office through June 2012.  During that same time frame, the number of Americans added to the Social Security Disability Insurance rolls was 3.6 million.

Just in the past three months, from April 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012, there was a net increase of 225,000 jobs.  That averages out to a net increase of only 75,000 jobs per month.  During that same three month period, there were 246,000 Americans added to the Social Security Disability Insurance rolls, which averages out to 82,000 per month.

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In other words, since Obama has been present over 3 million Americans have left the workforce and opted for disability, rather than trying to find jobs.  If you add the three year totals together, you end up with a staggering employment figure of MINUS 4.9 million Americans out of work.  That is almost the amount of new green jobs Obama promised to create.

The figures don’t lie.  Obama’s employment record is one of utter failure.  The only change America has seen under his leadership (or lack thereof) is the change from bad to worse.  If the first four years are any indication, I don’t think we can survive another four years of the same.


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