Obama’s Thanksgiving Address Fails to Mention God

In keeping with his Marxist philosophies, President Barack Obama intentionally omitted any mention of God in his Thanksgiving Day address to the nation. Whether you realize it or not, this was not an accidental oversight.

From his school days to college and to the White House, Obama has continually surrounded himself with radical socialists and Marxists. Their influence on him has been radiantly evident since the day he stole the Oval Office from honest Americans.

Marxists have long been trying to remove the Christian foundation from America and to desensitize the nation to overtly sinful life styles such as homosexuality, pornography, adultery, fornication, lying, cheating, stealing and even murder. Once these Christian morals have been successfully undermined, it’s only a matter of time until the country completely falls into Marxism and the hands of a dictatorial few.

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If you listen closely to his address, you will hear his Marxist ideology when he says,

“The very first Thanksgiving was a celebration of community during a time of great hardship and we follow that example ever since. Even when the fate of our union was far from certain; during the Civil War, two World Wars, a Great Depression, Americans drew strength from each other. They had faith that tomorrow would be better than today…

But no matter how tough things are right now we still give thanks for that most American of blessings, the chance to determine our own destiny.”

This is typical of liberal revisionist history as the first Thanksgiving and virtually every one since then, has focused on thanking God for the blessings He has bestowed on our nation. The first Pilgrims thanked God for the new friends and for bringing them to a land where they could freely worship God and Jesus Christ and establish a government based upon biblical principles.

If you want to read what Thanksgiving was really about, I strongly urge you to read George Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation and then compare that to Obama’s. Washington thanked God whereas Obama thanked community. This is one of the basic tenets of Marxism – community. They want to replace all aspects of God, and individuality with community, and you could hear that in his address.

Americans! Wake UP! While you’re sitting on your butts moaning and groaning about the economy and jobs, Obama and his comrades are actively trying to culminate a 100 year process of converting America into a Marxist or progressive nation. Unless people get up and start doing something about it, it’s going to happen much sooner than you realize. And if you don’t believe me, listen to some of the men and women who have been involved with the political system and who have seen firsthand what’s happening.

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