Obama’s Token Church Appearance Nothing More Than Political Show

Today is the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday.  A day hailed by the nations black community to honor a man who gave his life for civil rights and black equality.  King was a man of God and a man of peace even though his life was filled with violence and tragedy.

Yesterday, the Obama family attended Zion Baptist Church in Washington DC in honor of today’s holiday or so the reports from the White House say.

I personally have to question the President’s true motives for attending this church on this day.

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Zion Baptist Church is a predominantly black church.  Obama’s support in the black community has been steadily decreasing due to a number of issues.  Attending a black church for Martin Luther King Jr Day gives the appearance that he still cares about black Americans, yet many of his actions in the Oval Office say otherwise.

Obama has also been taking a lot of heat about his so-called Christian faith.  Attending a Christian church only a few times a year doesn’t necessarily make one a Christian.  When he has attended, they appear to be more of a well orchestrated political show than actual attending for the sake of worshipping Christ.

If you recall, Obama’s former church in Chicago was Trinity United Church of Christ, pastored by Jeremiah Wright.  Wright originally served as Obama’s spiritual advisor when he first took office, but was quickly replaced when it became known to the general public that he was a very outspoken Marxist and has preached many a socialistic sermon from his pulpit.  And no matter what anyone tries to say, Marxism and Christianity are not compatible and never have been.

I know we are not to judge the faith of others, but Scripture also says that a Christian is known by his fruit.  If they are not producing any fruit, then their faith must be questioned.  If they are bearing wrong or different fruit, again their faith must be questioned.

Since taking office three years ago, Obama has consistently suppressed Christian’s rights and freedoms through the Department of Justice.  At the same time, he has consistently upheld the rights and freedoms of Muslims both here in America and abroad.  He has even flaunted his foreign policies toward Muslims in the face of both Christians and Jews here and abroad.

If you judge one by their fruit, there can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian.  As such, it is offensive to see him pretend to be attending a Christian church because of his supposed faith, when in reality, it could be easily seen as a blasphemous act committed for political purposes only.  At least this is the way I see it.

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