Obama’s UN Friends Will Monitor Polls to Guard Against “Conservative Groups”

United Nations’ partner on democratization and human rights projects, The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), will be placing monitors in the United States at various polling places to observe the election.

The organization has been summoned to our shores by Liberal groups in the United States. The ACLU, the NAACP, and others sent a letter to the OSCE. They claim that recent efforts to discourage voter fraud are particular attacks on minority voters. They wrote:

“we urge the OSCE to deploy its limited election monitors in those states where restrictions on voting have been most extensive—Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas and Wisconsin. Poll monitors should be particularly vigilant about requests for, and acceptance of, identification of those seeking to vote, particularly if certain groups, such as racial minorities and young voters, are being targeted. Reports that organizations like True the Vote and others are training poll monitors to go into low-income and minority communities to intimidate voters make such monitoring critically important. Many of our organizations are working with local non-governmental organizations in these and other states and will be documenting instances of voter suppression. The presence of OSCE monitors would serve to underscore the importance of protecting voters in these key states.”

 The above is the official communication for public consumption. What understandings have been reached out of our sight is anyone’s guess. If you wanted to perpetrate voter fraud more easily, intimidating poll workers is one way you could cover for yourself. Also, if you were worried about accusations that might be made about your behavior at the polls, having friendly bystanders in place to back up your claims about what really happened would also be good strategy.

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But the real story here is that a foreign body that has no jurisdiction in the United States is now presuming to come here and judge our election process. This group isn’t even pretending to be neutral. They are coming to the US to watch out for those evil Conservatives. They wear their bias on their sleeves. You would think the the questions about how Obama beat Hillary in the 2008 Democratic Caucuses would raise doubts about what the Democratic team will be doing. But in our media culture, the ACLU and their cohorts can get away with this sort of prejudicial action.

Another question: How exactly are elections in the United States, or anywhere else in the Americas, properly under the scrutiny of an organization whose name proclaims that it works in Europe? I guess with bankers being appointed to impose austerity on nations and a European Union that simply dismisses national popular votes against it, the OSCE really doesn’t have much work there anymore.

The United States is sovereign nation that introduced the concept of democratic Republicanism to the kingdoms of Europe. It is bad enough that we have the United Nations in New York City. The OSCE needs to go back to Europe where they belong.

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